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    Nah only ever seen one in your girls house.
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    and whats wrong with that state? the leader who advanced it won a recent election, Germany's economy is up, performing far better than the UK and has grown since the migrant crisis. so what state are you talking about? the Swedish economy is doing better than expected, its the number one ranked country to do business in europe, ten years ago it was number 17, in terms of global competitiveness it is ranked 6th, the swedish passpart is the 2nd most powerful in the world. The UK's economic growth and development is now doing worse than spain and france The Eu rank Sweden top place, next is Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, in innovativeness. so do tell us whats wrong with Germany and Sweden..pull out something that Nigel farage has fed you.... go on
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    Fam. Fancy parking space for the iron uno. Turk privilege
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    loool those calories finally caught man. looking like biggie from the skys the limit video.
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    Delivering something badly, now has more onus than delivering nothing at all.
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    why do they keep talking to this man? who the fuck is he? This is how they shove down another elitist down your throats but of course d*cks like Gambino will lap it all up.. bob the builder and simon black cab driver assume that Jacob shares their interests..have the same priorities...(well at least their share racism and ignorance) but thats it.
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    lol switch off the iron? Never heard those words uttered in life. Unplug, pour the water out and put it away.
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    yank it out the plug dont even switch it off
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    Imagine thinking I read these giant blocks of text, let alone then felt enough to neg. Just lost 7-4 in seasons. Got bigger problems than Brexit.
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    Giggs is a different artist now... he's actually an artist. His tunes are a lot more energetic and better for shows/raves/to play amongst your friends without having to reload to catch the evil bars/tump someone across the head. He's doing well, shutting down shows, making money and popular so fair play to him. Waiting for the Tiny Boost tape.
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    My iron turns itself off for 8 hours a night
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    Might as well sub out follower count and put celebrity / notereity It's mind boggling how we obsess over the opinions of sports players , music artists and personalities like they're informed just because they keep us entertained
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    honestly i think follower count fucks up peoples critical thinking skills doesnt help that most of social media is walled off from opposing views so you just end up with a constant feedback loop of people who agree and just attack and block those who say something different rather than having a fruitful debate.
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    Bruv, you are a big man and are a full time Super Moderator on a forum bruv. Me and the other mods on RWD were in our late teens/early 20s when we were running the forums. You've been on the scene for so long, that I went away, got married twice, had 4 kids, traveled the world and come back to see you are still on here on a daily basis. Don't talk to me about being a big man and being on some wasteman shit.
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    Your so washed and you look like you smell honestly
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    your face offends my eyes big man with kids making videos like this
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    fuck these man in all seriousness
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    I'm not feeling Rey AT ALL.