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    Therin lays the madness. Judaism is a religion, not a Race. Which they love to cling too. (racist my back foot) They are just White European Caucasians. Who are Jewish in Faith. (research Khazars and Hyksos)
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    Got a promotion today Its been a tough couple months, have had to fight against unfairly being labelled the "angry black woman". Had to refuse signing some unfair comments on my performance agreement so wasn't expecting this. For those that kno that fool who was harrassin me has resigned after tryin to chuck a ting to get more p. As a result of him leaving i get a portion of his role. Mad how things work
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    once you post the views of a racist whos point is ....racist.. youve lost the plot. if she wants something uplifting she should invite donald trump to grab her by the p*ssy.
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    Its a mental enslavement to take responsibility for the racism of a next person Better to enjoy ur life
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    One group has economical and political power, the others don’t.
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    OK so u are obsessed "Omg yes smaddy replied teeheee"
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    They don't want goyim to acknowledge their existence in public.
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    Been stuck at a conference for the last two days lad. Watching you dissect why your thread failed is the only thing that’s got me through it. all jokes aside tho, I will cease and desist.
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    Lupe caught heat for similar comments Talib Kweli too Various politicans caught heat, Jackie Walker for the Labour Party and don't matter which leaning of party. Many instances... for others. You know your knocking at the doors of power when you point them out and they go running and screaming.. "he called me a fat jewish man"... ANTISEMETIC!... oh the holocaust, oh the pain, the tears... Hitler Yet reside in the insitutions of power and influence. Congress/Banking/Media/Socialism and lefty issues point it out and your antisemetic.
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    not the greatest of measuring sticks unfortunately unless shes had the greatest of glo ups bushy cornrows and a malnourished figure spring to mind oh and some dusty passa passa rave, acute angled wallabees
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    She got them junkie knees 🤮
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    you wanna explain why you purchased creps that already had someone else’s sweat etched into them first?
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    Yes Grace! The thing I like Wilmott-Brown as a villain he doesn’t pretend to be a hard man He just the ultimate troll and puppet master just like Archie was. From Friday’s + Last Night’s episodes.
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    Does this actually happen irl, females asking a man to come round to do DIY? Thought it was just a way to progress the story in 80's porn.
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    Especially if it's a bed. Setting it up for another man to land and bless the sheets
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    didn't neg you btw, but it's clearly getting to you, it's just a forum, it's not that deep. enjoy the rest of your weekend.
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    This topic really drives home those ppl who are immature/haven't lived life/live in a dream world(at least online)
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    Our Jose before an away game vs a top 6 team if they got rid of draws =
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    Fuck you, look for yourself!
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    Reggie learned a valuable lesson: never bite the hand that feeds you.
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