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    And right here ladies and gentlemen we have a grade A fucking idiot flat geeza
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    i can spit my lyrics in german ish bish jamie ish binish hench seriousseriousserious
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    Hi We may or may not pay attention to the fact we may or may not have a unique community on our hands here i am quite certain that I’m quite certainly quite a unique character myself that you should probably all be pretty grateful for knowing So how dub has the GAUL to ignore my private messages I really don’t know He’s either a bit of a massive p*ssy or maybe all his contacts in Germany are actually his gay lovers You can do what you want with your c*ck mate I ain’t bothered aslong as you keep your little bratwurst away from me Anyway Lets take advantage of this network of obviously not socially awkward avatars we possibly have here I am a legitimate businessman called Sebastian n I need to find a contact in Germany who’d like to make alright money for almost zero work They need a permanent address or ideally a P.O. box that I can pay for They need to speak English n German There’s a bigger role there for them if they want it but this would take like an hour a week to do I need some initial translation work done for a website n then they post about 10-40 items to me at once that they’ll have posted directly to them by my customers and that’s it If they do eBay work or want to then boom even better I’ve got something for em Also gonna be lookin for the same thing in Italy, spain, maybe Austria but think that’ll go hand in hand with German, n anywhere in Scandinavia, possibly Canada That’s later tho Please contact me if you can help in any way, finders fee no problem I’m thinking porchy, ice, Carlos maybe, toney, anyone who is actually a person n that Safe
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    Think Miz was trolling / do not believe everything they tell you on face value alone critical thought then make up your own conclusions, life then goes on though...
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    Anything coming from the space/gov/media agencies should be treated with suspicion. Nasa is a creation of the Roman Vatican Church/CIA, US Gov and recruited Nazi soilders (Operation Paperclip 1945) Operation Backfire 1945 - during and after the Second World War, which was performed mainly by British staff. It was part of the Allies' scramble to acquire German technology. With the consent of U.S. General Dwight D. Eisenhower Operation Overcast 1945 - to assist in shortening the Japanese war and to aid postwar military research - Few months later Nukes dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. CIA created 1947 Operation Mockingbird 1949 - a secret campaign by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to influence media. Begun in the 1950s, it was initially organized by Cord Meyer and Allen W. Dulles, and was later led by Frank Wisner after Dulles became the head of the CIA. attempted to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes. It funded student and cultural organizations and magazines as front organizations. NASA officially founded 1958 by U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower. (once the german tech had been refined) If you think these ever stopped... (just renamed/coded into newer programs)
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    why neg him. whats the evidence there's anything out there? the same people who want evidence of God..believe that there "maybe" something else out there..based on what exactly? a religious person is a fantasist based on believing what they haven't seen, but it ok to believe in star tales of Keplar 90 fucking e. wackos
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    Yh highlight it. I use the white background too
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    Is there something in the first post?
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    Defoe deserves it this year. Absolute farce he’s not in it.
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    If this was American ish no one would bat an eye lid
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    I answer the phone to the right people at the right time in the right place. I hate small talk so fringe people’s messages usually get delayed until I have down-time. Then usually get forgotten about during the down-time. Then after that 24-48 hr window it’s pretty much ruder to respond so late as if it’s nothing, and a fringe person isn’t worth an excuse. Plus, by now they’re way down in the chat list and at last - Bon Appetite - air is served.
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    Lol but he’s gonna lift the Prem and your ? never did. I LOVE THIS GAME.
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    Ffs Son got that no joking fee for the whole of Jan gym pass
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    Away from home? Nope. City 3-1 easy (unfortunately).
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    I lived out a taan, 3 years. Plus been a resident across saat london Spent time in other countries People exaggerate over london. Yes it is a cold city yes we dont have time for slow walkers no we are not aimlessly skinnin teet with any an anybody But we're not friggin heartless animals This was a tragic accident Hit an runs happen in every city
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    Do these people seriously know what they are protesting against?
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    9 pages for this. has this place dried up or are people just trolls now? flat earth ffs howay man
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    Pos I don't agree with the flat theory but I wont dismiss it look at how much theories scientist have changed since we were kids on things what were told are 'FACTS' I just don't understand how accept things what they are told without questioning it, Science religion etc
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    for me it's just a simple ting of not believing/accepting things just because the powers that be or whoever tells me it's fact there's too much history of powerful groups of ppl lying & killing to protect what they have in every shape or form for me to just accept shit coz they say so just remember ALL THESE FACTS have been given to you over years & years, taught to you over years & years. Conditioning is very powerful. MOST people haven't directly tested/questioned these facts for whatever reason. I suspect MOST people don't actually care and are just happy blindly accepting. / is there really a universe? If there isn't even real pictures of Earth but mankind has explored all these planets, moons, far galaxies etc
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    exactly my point, all these figures which have been made CONSTANTS (which has never been imo) have always been approximates & theories which the science community agrees on via averages from different experiments conducted in labs in select countries then THAT is spread around the world and made to become THE standard. anyone else that comes along and suggests alternatives is laughed off, ridiculed & disgraced just like that CERN director behind that recent experiment 1638 Galileo: at least 10 times faster than sound 1675 Ole Roemer: 200,000 Km/sec 1728 James Bradley: 301,000 Km/s 1849 Hippolyte Louis Fizeau: 313,300 Km/s 1862 Leon Foucault 299,796 Km/s Today: 299792.458 km/s
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    This is pretty mental. Let me break this down very simply in the only way I know how - The scope of observation from these pictures is too narrow to observe the curvature of the earth. This is a thing with a circumference of 26000 miles around, so looking at a horizon maybe 150 miles (unlikely) away you're going to struggle to directly observe the curvature. HOWEVER, if you were to look through a telescope at a boat going in a straight line, you will observe the boat sinking into the horizon, and that is direct evidence of a round earth. Plus we can clearly see the shape everything else in the observable universe takes. Our knowledge of a heliocentric solar system has been a physical constant that has lead to us being able to launch satellites into our orbit, study our solar and extrasolar system along with contributing to countless additional discoveries. Please note, and I say this without any irony that a well constructed argument doth not determine fact. This is actually counter-science and I donot subscribe to it.
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    lol at people actually believing any of this shite. bet you'd believe it if they told you there is a planet made out of Pringles and haribo's out there.
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    there's nothing else out there, we've never even left earth nasa stay lying / the matrix was a documentary
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    spurs will win and that will be the springboard for pochettino on his way to the bernabeu
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    like i said in the topic, i am not sold on the idea but there's evidence to suggest shit ain't what we've been taught to believe especially all those lovely composite pictures that nasa give us
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    u what? if you're 100% convinced & know something, why would u want proof
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    in the flat earth thread u were convinced flat earth is bullshit yet u asking such questions now? i thought scientists had all the answers to confirm the earth is globe? you were going HAM!!! against FE
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