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    Lol at looking at them parents' job titles and not knowing he's as middle class as they come. Some people are still baffled about what's what. Mad.
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    This was inspired by a conversation we were having at work. We were discussing the 90's and the players from that generation. The normal names were banded around and then someone mentioned Guti. From the age I used to see that Madrid team I was like 12/13, so naturally Ronaldo, Zidane, Figo etc players of that ilk were the ones that really stood out for me back then. Looking at football from where I'm at now, and the current generation of playmakers, I truly believe he has to be one of the most underrated players ever. Kroos, Modric and Ozil in one player, kind of insane when I think about it. I wasn't able to make sense when Ronaldo first joined Madrid, and he said Guti was the player that impressed him the most.It's only with age and a better understanding of the game that you can truly appreciate players like this. Swear Guti would walk into anyones midfield right now, and probably not have been in most peoples dream teams back then, not even on the bench. Feel free to add some players that you've come to appreciate more as times gone on.
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    I shouldn't have to tell a grown man that when people are dead the energy is different Maybe some of you would if you weren't faceless wonders who knows End of the day shit like speculating over a dead mans sexuality that you do not know from Adam and have never met is simply fuck boy shit no matter how you want to package it No way you would walk around talking like that in 3D without getting punched in your throat Then again what else should I expect from fuck boys 🤷🏿‍♂️ Dont say people Be direct and use the quote function if necessary I don't speculate on people's cases who I know let alone people I have never seen IRL Spreading unfounded rumours on the internet about unsolved open murder cases is not OK If this kinda stuff genuinely interests you man go watch the first 48 make a topic and you lot can gossip and chat away all you like in there
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    Obviously a young ninja from the Kirikagure (water) village
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    haha okay i see your point... tbh i didn't even see the tweet.. i watched a little bit of that video that was posted and got the general jist.... I just rate Dave, that's probably why my opinion is slightly bias towards him...
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    Barking is scum of the earth. pmsl AWFUL song
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    Clapham was a shithole when you were growing up so obviously not. The guys dad is a known screenwriter with his own Wikipedia page ffs and his mum is an artist, there's nothing lower middle class about that.
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    FOOOOOK Used to rinse that specific verse so many times
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    Hush This hook was a timeless blassic
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    Ybysbusnusnnsunsumusumunsummzimximzmumdundu dnudunudisnmskms Shots Any Shy jk narstie a national treasure, needs funding to be protected like the woodlands and them areas deh.
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    Actually Hotsauce from And1 did that first
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    he once said im on the edge like a harbour, i seen straps older than my father Black Excellence tbh, him, Buck, Spen etc all done wonders
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    Rah people are still combusting weed in 2017? Yikes.
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    Commmercial GOAT Tapping into all kinds of markets Punjabi drake up next
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    You're moving like a jealous cokehead. You're mad at me because I read an article on Allhiphop years ago and paid attention to when Lupe mentioned Chill. This sh*t is public knowledge, if you LISTEN to rap, or if you can READ you will find out about this sh*t. Bro how old are you? I've been checking for hip-hop and the culture for 20 years now, where were you in the 90s? Are you seriously calling me out on what I know??
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    "Lol @ that grafter shot" U larfed along with a fool, excuse me for thinking you are one too
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    lets be real, taking for a long time is what females do. we are straight to the point. it is easier to flirt by text/what's app - I'm not going to ring a girl to smash, it's 2 two messages. if I'm on the phone for more than 5 minutes, it's definitely one of those automated calls. That said I don't duck calls much, if I do I'm ringing back within 5 mins.
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    He didnt quite speak like that on the interview I'm talkin about
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    Lifes mad you know Imagine we actually live in a day and age where being hypocritical and misinformed makes you a real guy 🤷🏿‍♂️