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    L'pool - empty since 2012 Spurs- 2008 It's a shame they couldn't be more competitive ... I do think Tottenham will win something again before pool though
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    anyone clock the way CR7 lwas ooking at salah?
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    What you gonna do? Lad you're bleeding Black guy needs to wise up, this ain't burger king, you can't have it your way.
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    The problem is people like Tommy are only there to report and highlight the negative. He and the rest of the right media aren’t highlighting the hundreds of mosques and Islamic centres inviting people to join them for a free community dinner celebrating Ramadan. But they will be there in a heartbeat on the grooming thing and say.. “this is islam”. It’s very easy to villanise anyone, or any group with such tactics.
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    https://www.freesports.tv/ Never knew this shit existed Football Portuguese Primeira Liga - 2 games a week Belgian Pro League - 3 games a week Spanish La Liga 2 - 1 game a week Spanish La Liga Highlights Copa do Brasil — live games from every round Centenary Shield LIVE International Friendlies Dortmund TV - 1 hour weekly game highlights AC Milan TV - full game from Serie A and Europa League
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    I should be gassed. But I think I'm not watching it just to see how it all ends rather than being psyched for a great show. If that makes sense.
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    Mad how much of a free ride these lot get. We’ve only got to lose a game and we’re in crisis.
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    Rah spurs 10 year drought? Kept that one quiet
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    Don’t think Arsenal can chat to Liverpool about trophies
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    Bruh, it's just a coloured number. Wtf
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    Now I know for a fact that the victim in this case isn't 20. Now surely clarification on this could've been got pretty easily. Is it just an innocent mistake they claim he's 20 and have knocked at least 10 years off is age or is this to make it easier to add to the narrative of the youth crime thing?
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    I'm trolling, stay in the tourist spots, especially if you want to have valid travel insurance. Food is nice at famous markets and stuff, Ocho Rios is probably the safety place to go atm. Like african countries, they'll clock you are tourists and sell hard. Personally, going to a country like that means all inclusive hotel, on a white sand beach. However, go to a hotel where the beach allows the natives to sell you stuff, these septic tank owned hotels usually try block the people from selling and tbh, they can fuck off.
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    nah fuck ramos man!!! how does he get away with this type of shit why is man gripping his face?
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    Ronaldo must be fuming he is definitely going to score can’t have bale taking the limelight
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    Ronaldo with that envious smile. Wishing that was him
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    This Karius must be getting a BIG paycheck from the Real Cheating team.
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    Lmao this was so fire b Im deleting the pusha t mixtape idc