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    Whoever wrote that post needs to get a life.. there was nothing "amazing" about it, trying desperately to make it about race aswell ??
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    They are reaching. It's a non-issue compared to how Muslims and ethnic minorities are seen in the media and politically. They don't get the protection neither.
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    i was attracted to girls at that age (shouts to Britney Spears, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Moesha) he probably just felt he was attracted to guys. may not even have been gay and just starting wake up to being attracted to people and not able to differentiate between romantic feelings and a strong liking for someone, but thats just something you grow to understand with life. but whether he is or isnt too young to understand or know, why do 9 year olds think gays need to kill themselves
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    This is a fucking disgusting attitude to have. Nah, parents need to raise their fucking sons better. None of my bredrins behave like this either and if they did they would get rushed on sight by the mandem. We need to be checking our friends who move loose like this.
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    To me it seems like a shitty smear campaign. What are your thoughts? Lots of Muslims vote Labour due to their historic anti-war stance and remember Corbyn's sentiment before Iraq. Also Israel. It's a sweet spot in terms of political jabs, and a lot of the jabs are landing. I can't see it personally, but it's ironic that Labour is keeling because of identity politics, which is a cause they've championed for so long.
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    It’s almost as if, and stay with me here. Life in general was a lot more conservative 20 years ago.
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    Are people trying to pretend that girls didn't get grouped and touched back in the day because they were dressed more modestly? This isn't some new phenomenon because girls are now influenced by Rihanna. If you can't control your urges because of a bit of flesh then that's on you and no one else.
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    look at the difference this is the nicki minaj/ rihanna/ era the cardi b era will take things to new lows
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    look at the crowd and how they are dressed
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    these girls are spectators not part of the parade i was seeing girls with batty riders revealing the underside of the bum batty was out everywhere , tits squeezed and pushed out for ultimate exposure / that floacist interview look at how she and the rest of the girls were dressed for carnvial - modest now they want to look like strippers on portabello road then will complain when treated like strippers if i dress like a clown , treat me like a clown
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    True. And they know not to because they know repercussions are coming their way if they do. I’m not in any way defending these idiots. If they did that to any of my cousins, they’re getting fucked up on site. But that’s why we don’t want our younger daughters/sisters/aunties walking around half naked at night because pieces of shit will prey on them. I’m just a realist. All this “raise them better” talk ain’t gonna stop this culture. It’s too deeply ingrained. The best you can do is mitigate it the best way you can.
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    I highly doubt any of these girls was on the float or in costume. There's wrong on both sides imo. Both sides lack maturity and class.
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    kinda nice to see her let her hair down tbh most human thing ive seen her do in ages
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    And then people wonder why the police move how they do. but hey if that’s a escaped convicted murderer please handle him with care ??
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    best ep for a long time
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    Joe said, he told Ak let's become millionaires. Ak said "nah". ?
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    Shitting on everyday struggle and complex from a massive height
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    His father LAWST Edit: where the fuck is Gwent? Black/mixed race people should only be born in or near big cities. Growing up in incest country never turns out well.
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    @Afroman The big div strikes again
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    I can't agree that the vipers and by extension the bite of this forum have become benign, I think activity concentrates on a select few topics. But I'd also be keen to understand what the mods/higher-ups have planned for maintaining the site or dare I say it, a push for new members...
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    Maybe not but the way they had the yout on the ground, those two police officers could have killed him Doesn't look like he was just kickin him for the fun of it