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    The article title says asian grooming gang so where is the political correctness? In fact, it always says asian grooming gang, it never says white grooming gang. The real elephant in the room is the biggest grooming gang is white and is running your country, this lot are just small fry, they are the fall guys, bunch of uneducated peasant scummy asians.
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    Nothing to do with us.
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    Not even the oil. Qatar have a small amount of oil, but Qatar have at least 159 years worth of natural gas. Saudi haven't invested properly unlike Qatar, who have stakes in a lot of things. Qatar has a better long term plan, investing in companies that are now focusing on making huge profit. Example, from my interest, would be being major shareholders in IAG and LATAM, these are companies who are making profits. They also have the biggest pots of money/self fund in the middle east.
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    Died in a fist fight apparently, the bone saw was just there to cut down a tree which was starting to poke its branches in the consul general office window. All cleared up now.
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    The elephant in the room Is paedophilia is a sickness that pervades and damages countless young people who then become adults we don't realise (adults havin children, running companies, the country who have never ever dealt with their abuse) The elephant in the room is that it is a cross cultural problem that the entire world refuses to address and that is proven by overall sentencing That is proven by stacks post. Blaming kids. Happy to say its an "others" problem. When no doubt there is more than one pedo in his own family (not diggin at him, its just likely) Lets start caring about children. Let's stop viewing them as adults who can make adult decisions. Lets start really thinking about the impact this is havin on our society. And lets stop passin the buck on some aha that's their problem. Let's be real about alllll of the adults who let those girls down and continue to let others down. Who called them slags, who turned their face away because they were little poor girls or unruly hormonal teenagers. That is police, council workers, any public servant that was complicit Be real. For the sake of children. Children who will grow up to be adults responsible for all sorts of vulnerable people (including themselves)
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    Shout out if you read the TI quote in TI voice. Ye is cooning. I don't know what you lot think he's trying to acheive with his actions but like T said they are for HIS own benefit solely. Its extremely disappointing when he is such an influential person, Kanye is not the rapper you want meeting Donald Trump. They are both egotistical and narcissistic I have never seen either take criticism positively, I'd rather not see or hear anything from Kanye again that isn't music please, thank you.
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    I put robertson as capo this weeknd. but upon inspecting the trim i may reverse my decision.
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    he was a really lovely guy he was a really lovely black guy i cant understand what his race had to do with the description
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    Never ordered from just eat stricktly Deliveroo or uber eats something about just eat always made me feel like it was a cowboy operation this is how you know all the beaurocracy is just there to make £ 0 rated u know how the fuck are they even open after getting a 0 hygiene rating?
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    I dont know how these niggas with mix race kids just leave the kids with the males on the white side of the family... Could never be me
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    This is total fucking nonsense... these girls are usually the types living in hostels, coming from broken dysfunctional families. They are ripe for exploitation in countless ways... and just because British people are sexually more liberal than others, doesnt excuse some sweaty old man pushing himself on a kid. U sound like a nonce yourself tbf... / Certain Asians are fucked when it comes to sex and noncing. Kurds and Turks are another group who I wouldnt be surprised if in the next few years get exposed as doing the same shit the Pakistanis do...
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