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    Insert Don Demarco here.
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    I've felt that kind of anger at work before once, it ended in a homophobic tirade and my dismissal
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    Please don't imagine such a thing Imagine yourself raising a daughter impervious to the charm of such basic con artists There is no online banking verification on earth that is so long it would compell me to leave my debit card unattended with an individual who belongs to the night sorry She's a fool
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    Fam, I really don’t care if you agree or not. You said yourself they aren’t gonna want some Jamo pressing their daughter in their own yard. Then you get upset when I said they don’t like us. Literally contradicting your previous post. I never claimed to be woke but it’s funny how you use it pejoratively because I put black first before anything. Says more about you really. But carry on being offended their behalf. I’m sure they’ll pat you on the head for being a good boy.
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    Fraud/419 is an integral part of you lot’s culture, hence his shameless yolo response.