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    Would get on my knees and sock d pussoir
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    Na the opposite count my blessings everyday b
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    Why does this rhetoric always get brought up like say anybody claimed drill invented murder people are against the culture behind it. As if killing an innocent man and bragging on a track is something to defend.
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    Lmao But yr dead wrong if you're aspiring to manipulate and control How about level your mental up so you get a stable mature woman Control is a small man ting
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    Fuck him and anyone who likes him.
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    Cs every race having wayward cunty women. In my experience if you as a man know how to master the art of manipulation,control and compromise you will be fine. Also have to cs about beckies having their foot on certain mans necks. There was a couple who used to live below me white woman black man. FAM. The amount of vulgarness and obscenities that used to fly out this girls mouth I remember one time they was arguing about something. Next thing i hear was *THUD,THUMP,SMASH* After i hear HIM saying if you headbutt me again im calling the police. Im there with my ear on the wall like.
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    Bruv didn't you know, there were no murders before drill
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    It boils down to this Without the song is there a killing? Yes Without the killing is there a song? No.
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    Every race has wayward women man dem just keep picking from the same sunken pit
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    Yeah let’s throw them in prison. Also let’s lock up film makers and actors.
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    They will defend their poison whilst its slowly infiltrates their communities and damages their people Reminds me of black women who wear weave. Two sides of the same deluded and fucked up coin.
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    It's over I now support SE Dons #AnythingforPaula
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    Hit her with that Whyte Left
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    Forgot about this verse ?? There's no way I will stop bumping his music - would have to be that he done something to one of the women in my family
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    sh sjsh shz dfh sdfhz don't believe he is jamaican you know
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    Nah it's cool bro give it a year or 2 and you can slide that back into rotation. People are slaves of the moment. Don't give a fuck man cannot tell me to turn off step in the name of love.
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    These lot killed someone and rapped about it. But yea let's blame their environment
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    this is what i keep saying, drill is just a symptom of the disease.
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    But... isn't drill influenced by their environment? Makes more sense to improve the environment than just banning music, nah?
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    Man who gets paid to get punched for a living in not very smart shocker.
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    Cleopatra was a slore that ushered the destruction and decay of a great civilisation. Let them claim her.
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    ? Some of these 10 year + challenge pics are hilarious.
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    That’s not one of them
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    Top lad Charlie how can you hate
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    He's just a fucking deluded Jamaican making money off the seemingly never ending line of black people wanting someone to convince them they descend from royalty and all the other fairy tales the 'pro Black' lot believe in...
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    I don't believe hes Jamaican sorry Jus another one of his multitude lies
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    Ur the only nitty round here you bummy tramp of a petty thief Don't bother with me
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    Your Jamo intellectual hero is a hustler. I can respect him raising di funds off the back of gullible people at least tho.
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