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  1. You will have no issues as a vegetarian... Venom mentioned it but I met whytes who have been going for 20yrs lol @ not being convinced. Food = banging (veggie/pesca) Gyal = YES...from all walks of life....you see some of them during the day and might not batter an eyelid but they TURN UP every single damn night. I met (drew) bank tellers/bar workers etc something for everyone's taste....the women work hard all day to majorly turn up at night, Clubbing = There's a few touristy spots on the strip that you might want to avoid unless you are going to ''grab takeaway''... and pay for it. There's a big Jamaican influence/community over there so if you know about pasa pasa there's similar spot llama llama run but couple English dons I know. I heavily fucked with some of the younger locals 23+ so I feel like my experience might have been a little extra special...had me in a sick club I swear if i didn't know any better I could have been in one in central london.... Beach parties are a madness, weed is easily available (meet a good local and he'll get you the punk not the bush weed most get) Regular concerts from Jamaican artists...Caribbean food shops Bakau, Banjul, Kololi Beach all worthy of mention. Tangiene (sp) is the fishing port and one of my fav parts of the trip....watching the sisters receive the fish directly from the fisherman as they come in to shore then season that up and ready to eat within 30mins of being caught...LIFE DID I SAY THIS PLACE IS MOTHERFUCKING CHEAP AS CHIPS...Cab journeys cost the price of a bottle of Guinness I met a local on my first night and he took care of us throughout the holiday...showed us the weed island, the spots for the good girls and the spots for the bad gyal as he put it (of course we mixed it up lol)
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