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  1. The world's greatest spiritual teachers for thousands of years: Thoth (Hermes Trismegistus), the ancient Egyptian god of wisdom (an Anunnaki), Buddha, Mahavira, Lao Tse, Bodhidarma, Socrates, Pythagoras, Plato, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Osho Rajneesh (and others) have preached the same thing to mankind. We can summarize all his teachings in just 2 words "Know thyself". What do they mean by that? Why is "Knowing Yourself" the basis of WISDOM? How do you know yourself? Who are you? And who is this "Yourself"? You are "God" or "Consciousness" or "Infinity". But right now you don't know, because you live in a body with ignorance and let your mind control your life. So by now you haven't realized that you are god (that's becoming "Enlightened") because you are controlled by your mind. So "you" = mind "Yourself" means the unknown parts or dimensions of your being; that is both the inner and the outer dimension of your being. There are two types of knowledge. The first is: knowing from the outside; studying objectively from the outside. This is science. The second type of knowledge wisdom is from within. This is "TMT Power Secrets"! (= Transcendental Mind Technology System) TMT is the science that allows a person to master both outer knowing and inner knowing to become aware of all dimensions of his being, thus becoming 100% conscious, enlightened and immortal. The interior (psyche) is the basis of the exterior (the physical body and the material world). Collecting facts about things (research) and memorizing them is not "insider knowledge". It's just an accumulation of facts about things outside of you (=external knowledge=knowledge). So "knowledge" is not the same as "knowing". Knowledge (what you do in school) is simply the accumulation of facts about things outside of you. "Knowing" also means subjectively experiencing the facts.
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