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  1. DJ:T


  2. DJ:T


  3. DJ:T

    Been well busy on here aint it!

    things certainly do !!shut up rumble u screaming munch of c*ck..u aint even in the country
  4. DJ:T

    just passin ................

    yes lisa wots happenin mate long time no see..catch me an SK on True 100.2fm now tuesdays 6-8 hope ur all cool
  5. DJ:T

    birthday bash!!

    every one shud reach this 1..me dere
  6. DJ:T

    Jeremy Fucking Kyle....

    yea innit i didnt even notice it wasnt trisha strait away..it is shiit but its easy viewing daytime tv is aint worth botherin with neway, jus put the radio on innit
  7. DJ:T


    new era swag
  8. DJ:T


    escapades is where DJ MEtz plays on thrusdays..my mate works well near there @ croydon comnnexions
  9. DJ:T

    Your Favourite...

    yea farienough but u gotta have some favourites ??????
  10. DJ:T

    new tripple mix cd

    i'd just like to add that the delay is due to us both being either sh*t DJ's or bein over critical about our own work
  11. DJ:T


    can only offer limited info but catch DJ:T & DJ Rumble down there @ DV8 516 oldkent rd. as far as i no its ̣̉25 to get in an free drink all night so make sure u come an see us down there as we're not really doing london clubs at the moment we're keepin it essex for a while !!!!!
  12. DJ:T

    Your Favourite...

    aww sweetyyyy :oops:lol cmon you know its true you 2 used to crack me up when you were on radio ... only really went scene when you 2 was there aswel thanks babe :wink: u no u were only on our show cos of sam tho lol :roll:
  13. DJ:T

    Your Favourite...

    i no wot u mean mate, heavyweight DJ...Goodfella's show was wot sundays were about!
  14. DJ:T

    Kavos 2006

    big d's ay!! BATTYBOIII make sure old dippy d is reppin it for fresh lol..wots gonna b goin on there now k flex is leavin is dippy still gonna have his job??? maybe we could work a little station thing in there?? altho i thing its abit out of our area now innt??? fone was poppin 2day blad