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  1. Can see clearly the budget is not on par. It's like when took over Formula 1. BBC getting sonned and well deserved!
  2. Hopefully this is the lesson Lewis needs, that he can't be living a jet star life and just expect shit to land on his lap. He needs to pay attention and actually do the do. Whether Merc fucked him or not, he should've been holding the team to account from early rather than when the ting is already lost.
  3. If this happens then Rosberg may aswell give it up, become a house husband and raise his daughter.
  4. He'll need to win the remaining 5.
  5. So Jose is finally showing some cojones that no other apart from Sir Alex could. Long may it continue that Captain fantastic remains warming up the bench.
  6. Truth be told it's because we're running on a server that is over 7 years old. I'm looking at moving the whole forum or upgrading hardware but keeping everything at the same DC but need @Dan. to holler at me for some discussions to be had.
  7. Some of the decions made by some of these man make no sense at all. It's no wonder people think there's a conspiracy against Ham. Shame Lewis had to take matters into his own hands. Whoever wins this yrs championship, come next year not sure there will be in the same team.
  8. Missed the start of the race but from what I can see now, looks like what happened last year has got Lewis turnt and he's not giving this up barring a tyre fail.
  9. Some will say he bottled it, but guy's content. Man like Vardy pretty much bought him a house.
  10. What? Huth was with Chelsea x2, which makes tonight even more special. Assists everywhere for that 3rd easy
  11. Had to prove his point, can't talk reckless publicly and not back it. Which he did with that finish.
  12. Caught parts before mystery hour on James's show and initially I thought Ken was catching a box. The whole thing is a joke.
  13. As long as Leicester don't win it at UTD. Wouldnt mind it for them to smash Everton and round up Martinez with it.
  14. You want that drink cup to be full of just drink. No other filings
  15. Swiftie

    ViP2 v4

    That was the case when 4.0 was launched but it was all changed by 4.1
  16. Swiftie

    ViP2 v4

    There have been some teething issues of which I hope we're approaching the near end of them all. What I don't understand is when you say there are a bare threads on one topic. Do you mean there are posts in topics which don't make sense or a lack of posts or too many posts on this one topic here highlighting the issues? For those who have had issues with searching this should work as I tested it myself and confirmed it returns back results now. Same goes with the activity stream.
  17. Swiftie

    ViP2 v4

    This morning's issues were more than likely instigated by me as I was trying to find a fault and the tracing overwhelmed the server more than likely.
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