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  1. Rsonist

    live Champions League 2019 - Quarter Finals

    They could slow it right down and show Llorente full on punching the c*nt in the net for all I care
  2. Rsonist

    Game Of Thrones

    Coulda done without that cringe dragon riding scene That Umber kid time travelling too
  3. Rsonist

    live Week 34 - Premier League 18/19

    Fucking hate the place
  4. Rsonist


    This started last week Good opening 2 episodes
  5. Rsonist

    live Champions League 2019 - Quarter Finals

    Season has been a disaster Just need to get this tie fucked off
  6. Rsonist

    Harry Kane - Here To Stay or Gone Tomorrow?

    Wont be back till late April
  7. Rsonist

    Game Of Thrones

    This will be definitely rushed Nights king will be done by ep 3 tbh
  8. Rsonist

    Game Of Thrones

  9. Rsonist

    live Week 22 - Premier League 18/19

    Arsenal havent done anything since North London turned red for a few days
  10. Rsonist


  11. Got Wolves on Saturday then Cardiff on NYD
  12. This is on Poch, got it majorly wrong today and didn’t change while Emery did.