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  1. Only 18 more league games at Wembley....
  2. Hot Summer: 2017 Transfer window edition

    The media are going through our team 1 by 1
  3. That Xhaka guy is a horrible, horrible footballer Europa trash
  4. Marvel Super Heroes

  5. Game Of Thrones

    Hackers have leaked another shit load of info threatening to release the final ep Gonna be stress trying to avoid it all
  6. Game Of Thrones

    George R R Martin has said the ending will be bittersweet but it remains to be seen what these idiot writers do on the show as theyve pretty much contrived it be good vs. evil now
  7. Game Of Thrones

    Quality ok Ziz?
  8. Game Of Thrones

    The payoff of having so many characters in your show - being able to throw random supergroups together. The next two episodes can't go wrong. A lot of stuff in this episode has convinced me this will end with no-one on the throne... they're pushing the "no Gods, no masters" theme pretty heavily. Also still backing an unintentional Daenarys heel turn/mad Queen situation.
  9. Hot Summer: 2017 Transfer window edition

    Yeah im sure we'd be able to persuade him to come by halving his wages.
  10. Fantasy Premier League 17/18 (PLUS NEW GAME)

    The draft is a bit of a mess isn't it. The leagues haven't even been updated