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  1. The England Football Team Thread

    Lets see them do that in Russia
  2. Recommendations - No Spoilers

    I found it very fucking weird and creepy towards the end
  3. Marvel Super Heroes

  4. PL golden boot 17/18

    Wont play again this season
  5. Horrible player mate
  6. Dembele being world class lasted long
  7. Arsenal Fan TV and chill

    Last Visited: January 14 @TF S4DK doing his disappearing act again
  8. Back in 2011 he was drunk behind the wheel of a car and killed a girl
  9. Probably got flashbacks of the poor girl he murdered
  10. Arsenal thought they upgraded on Sanchez and Walcott, lost just about every game since
  11. Wonder what illiterate message we'll see from Jack Wilshere tonight
  12. Second yellow that surely. Embarrassing. Not Alli though so he can't be done for diving.
  13. Hopefully Would keep Wenger in a job