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  1. Asics have some nice collaborations now and again, Saucony and NB too if you want something different from the big 2
  2. Should ban posting anything from SKY in this thread
  3. Stopped following the books round season 3 tbh, but properly went off script and stopped with all source material season 5
  4. Last season was a 5/10 at best This season needs to be a minimum 9 to save the series tbh
  5. Shocking news RIP
  6. Probably the most epic short film i ever saw. Looking forward for the rest!
  7. 3-4k
  8. There is nothing more Lebron coulda done, MVP tbh. Saying that though, KD's numbers for the series are beastly, he was the difference in the end. Fair play to GSW. they've built their team so well over the last few years that if anybody deserved to be able to add a superstar like him, it's them. Rather them than 80% or so of the rest of the NBA that are just horrible year-in year out. I originally didn't think it would work out for them since they had to give up some of their depth to make it work, but in hindsight I guess since no-one really plays the 5 position anymore, then you're going to be pretty unstoppable with all-NBA players at 1-4 and A. N. Other at center. Still though, Cleveland threw this away in Game 3.
  9. Cavs needed to set 3 NBA records just to win one game. It's over in game 5.