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  1. Why not? You got trips to Bosnia and Siberia to look forward to
  2. Itll happen if Eriksen is shifted
  3. Dele can go back to his natural position now no more tracking back this signing will free him up to slot in behind Kane again
  4. Chilwell dropping a 0/10 performance. Rice is trash.
  5. Rsonist


    Episode 3 😟
  6. Rsonist

    Game Of Thrones

    Show went out with a whimper
  7. This is the final the FA deserves.
  8. Rsonist

    Game Of Thrones

    Thank God this shit only has 1 episode left Theyve ruined an entire decade long series in 4 episodes
  9. Tickets will be goldust Our clubs will dish out to our fans based on loyalty points/season tickets After that boy... You could be anything from 1.5k to 6k
  10. I know guys that will pay up to 4k+ for tickets so that is a fucking steal
  11. EasyJet are asking for nearly £1500 for a flight to Madrid on CL Final day 😄
  12. what the fuck Wanyama and Trippier are touching down in Madrid to play a CL final
  13. Rsonist

    Game Of Thrones

    This show is fucking trash now
  14. Gotta hold your hands up to Pool tbh Incredible performance If only our bunch of fragile bottling cunts could show half that heart tomorrow
  15. That was some Carabao cup 4th round lineup we put out 🤣
  16. Rsonist

    Game Of Thrones

    9 years of good storytelling down the fucking drain with that trash tbh
  17. Rsonist

    Game Of Thrones

    Great bit of TV tbh but the ending was shit and dumb
  18. We gave these lumps yet another chance to go above us
  19. They could slow it right down and show Llorente full on punching the c*nt in the net for all I care
  20. Rsonist

    Game Of Thrones

    Coulda done without that cringe dragon riding scene That Umber kid time travelling too
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