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  1. Lenny

    Shenmue III

    Got a feeling the game will be dead
  2. Is it just me or is this game just super unresponsive online Input lag for days and the game play feels lethargic. Same went for Fifa 16 aswell
  3. Fifa 08 > I remember when clubs/team play or whatever it was called back then could only have 5 players Remember banging it out with Haze, Gt and few others. Was sick 08/09/10 was the peak
  4. My brothers, it's time. New PND is here
  5. Album needs to drop asap
  6. Lenny


    Big Quints reaction video is spot on
  7. Cheers Zizou. Is getting a realdebrid account worth it? How will it improve my experience with Kodi?
  8. Nice one Zizou. How did you pay? Not feeling using my card on there for obvious reasons
  9. I'm new to this How reliable is sportsmania?
  10. Please don't fuck up again EA I need a football game ffs
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