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  1. Work party is tomorrow at a Thai restaurant. Ler the meaningless conversation begin
  2. Footlocker 25% off ends Sunday https://www.footlocker.co.uk/en/content/vip
  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2930654/Know-enemy-Incredibly-20-different-kinds-cameras-spying-motorists-spot-spot-you.html
  4. Natalie

    Work & Life

    This self employed lifestyle is sprouting new grey hairs by the day.
  5. For those interested. Ever since American Apparel went down the shitter they're constantly doing 25/30% off online, possibly in store too I'm not sure.
  6. I've only lost one friend I cared about. The rest, it was nice knowing you.
  7. Natalie


    This is gonna sound so bitter but I always preferred Amy over her.
  8. This is what frustrates me. The speed limit for that section does not match what it should be. Feels like you're going at a snails pace ffs. And on the A406 aswell? RIP my north/west speeding days
  9. Unkept beards Stubby nails Nose/mouth piercings Full tracksuit wearers
  10. They still doing half price steak on Mondays. I violated that deal. I feel violated that I didnt know this A quick google says they are though, will defo go on a Monday now.
  11. Comodor Grill and Bar is a good place. Nice homely Argentinian steak house in Islington, would definately recommend.
  12. Get yourself a denman brush and a spray bottle mixed with your own conditioner and water. Let hair air dry. Curls galore. You could also go one step further with the frizz ease from John Frieda
  13. Natalie

    Work & Life

    I'm good, yourself
  14. Natalie

    Beating kids

    The silent treatment was the killer for me. This was definitely the worst for me. My dad never hit me, would always speak to me and from then on I wouldn't want to disappoint. On the other hand, my mum went in all hands blazing didn't really take heed if I'm honest.
  15. Natalie

    Work & Life

    Setting up an actual spa
  16. Has anyone seen the police vans with the satellite on top? Can't remember if there were any cameras attached but there was a police car in front. Praying it was just some ANPR thing.
  17. Sturgeons like the cat that got the cream right now. Just biding her time til she pushes for that second referendum.
  18. Natalie

    Work & Life

    cant believe this was 3 years ago. Almost ready to start my own company. Thank god for that.
  19. I couldn't be more dominate than my man. Wouldn't respect him tbh
  20. I had the same problem but didn't think it was the head gasket. Long story short ended up having the whole engine rebuilt.
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