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  1. gb gg gb h h ggb rgb gb gb gb rg h m m m m yjm jm jm IM TOO HYPED!!!!!! WAR RAMPAGE!!!!
  2. Why the fuck did Mark shoot @ the end, Rothwell was dead on his feet
  3. Broughton is a disgrace, how can you come into a fight in dat kinda shape
  4. i would post in here but every time i have some news u beat me 2 it, lol bones has got this all day, i cant c rampage winning any other way than landing a lucky punch but given jon's reach, elusivness, and quintons supceptability (sp) to leg kicks, i cant even see rampage getting any luck. h i dont get why everyone thinks the hughes\kos fight will b dead or kos will lay and pray. kosheck has only used lnp once in recent times against daley. his hands r certified, r people forgetting his knockouts of yoshida n trig? hughes has been done for a minute, he jus gt life with that win over almeid
  5. Not gonna happen, he's been dropped from the whole zuffa brand. Apparently it was because they wanted him to fight in sept and his he wanted to fight in oct, that and they werent too keen on him fighting on japanese circuit/K-1 and all the other side hussles hes got goings on.
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  7. yhdgghcsgcdkjdfgfgfgfhffhfhfhfhhffhhf Tooo hypedIt ain't even the main eventdgdgdgdgdgdgdg
  8. Tonight- Meeting up wiv sum old college heads Saturday/Sunday- Lad's weekender; Smoke, drink, bang chinese, buss joke, watch UFC, get up, drink some more, watch Chelsea/Liverpool, drink if we win, smoke if we lose, lol
  9. R.I.P this thread, lol.Dunno if anyone's interested but, UFC 126 is on 2morro night (well, Sunday morning, Pre lims @ 2, main card @ 3) on ESPN and it looks like it could b an epic night. Put it this way, from when Bones can't een make the Co-main event slot, you KNOW it's a stacked card, lol.Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort is the Main event for the middleweight title. Everyman should know bout A.Silva by now, but if u've never seen Vitor, jus go youtube n type Vitor vs Wanderlei, nuff said, lol. Yeh, he's lost a step since then, but he's also improved his wrestling drmatically since the last
  10. very good read, sf 4 dat, guy's so misunderstood
  11. TUF 12 starting 2nite on SS2 @ 10. Think its str8 after the football. Cnt wait, kos winding up gsp shud b fun, lol.
  12. anyone watch southland/better off Ted/life and times of Tim?What do you think?
  13. Plus, if you have ESPN you HAVE to watch Garcia vs Jung @ 12:30, RIDICULOUS fight.
  14. Excited For Lesnar Carwin.Predictions??Personally i can see Lesnar winning via ground and pound in the second.yea, can't wait. See lesnar winning via ground + pound too, but not that early. Carson's a big strong guy himself, lesnar will eventually get the better of him but it won't be as easy as the mir rematch. Plus carwin's a very underrated wrestler so I wouldn't b surprised if he goes for the shoot
  15. Anyone catch 115 last night? Chuck got kipped AGAIN. Knew he was gonna get dropped from the first exchange, like rich said himself, chuck kept over-committing to the punches and leaving himself open to counters. Should have retired after the shogun fight tbh, hopefully he sees sense an calls it a day.Cro-cop wins but I still think he shud b cut, I can't c him beating any of the top contenders so what's the point in keeping him around?Kampmann/thiago was a let down, bot the standup war I was expecting Lol @ condit, caught life with that stoppage, ref should have let it go on, there was only 8 s
  16. Just watched the primetime show, rampage looking fat as f*ck, last thing u wanna see from sum1 who ain't fought 14 monthsUndercard looking good though, bisping v miller Shud b good, sanchez fighting bak @ ww, duffee looking 2 sen another victim 2 bed early, Shud b a good night, last 2 events dissapointed
  17. I hate these stupid 'boxing vs mma' match-UPS cos its always sum old, washed up prick vs a decent mma guy and then mma fanboys go "yea, these boxers can't hang with us!", which of course is bullshit cos this fight is the equivalent of putting Tank abbot in a ring with wladimir klitschko. Who the f*ck is Dana kidding? At least call out a decent, fit fighter who's gonna take the sport seriously, join a good fight camp and work on his ground game instead of looking to land one big right which is what toney will try an fail to do.
  18. Need 2 jump on this spartucus ting, mad late. Has any1 caught that new show on five us called Justice? Way's it sayin?
  19. Lol @ belcher calling out silva, get back in line.Mitrione and koscheck fights went pretty much how I expected them 2 go, pissed about daley getting kicked out though. Kicking him outwas a bit harsh imo but I understand why Dana did it. Different circumstances I reckon daley would have got off with a lengthy ban, but after miller-gate, silva's shambolic performance against maia and Tito's domestic drama, the last thing Dana wanted was another pr nightmare, so making an example out of Jim was probably the right thong 2 do. Shame, coz apart from gsp, fitch an koscheck, I can't c any1 else beati
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