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  1. Just dropped by to see if any of you went to Northampton. Think I saw you Marcus (if this is Marcus). If you were wearing a light top with light stripes then I saw you.Was sh*t organisation. Two out of 3 bars were closed coz they didn't have security by them so people just hopped over and stole bottles. Wasn't surprised about the AC but it was f*cked sweating on the stairs trying to get to another room. Someone said Heartless were there before midnight but I didn't see them. Spent 00:00 in the queue getting stared out by two HENCH dogs... What a way to start my 21st.Skepta and chipmunk f*cked it up even though the mic was f*cked. Pissed for Cameo going on after Logan when everyone was tired.
  2. Accra

    Prison Break

    yea she had a yute around the time they were filming the first few episodesbut theres sum ppl sayin she aint comin back at allSeen. Thought it might be something stupid like that. They need to write her out if that's the case. If I'm watching Prison Break for clues about what's happening next, they can't be confusing me by trying to hide real-life issues.
  3. Accra

    Prison Break

    Anybody noticed we don't see Sarah's face? Everytime they show her, her face is hidden in some way.
  4. Some of the pictures in this thread were posted way back in the RWD days. Askin opinions now is a bit pointless.Lol at people acting like Adidas single-handedly ran that girl off. He posted the pic, said she looked hairy and bare guys jumped on the bandwagon. I remember Rebound X was one of them. Someone even photoshopped a gorilla head on one of her pics.She's PENG though and I've been telling Titan to hook me up from day but he's not helping a nucca.
  5. I hate lipstick on girls. Lip gloss looks good but it's still kinda messy and sticky.I f*cking hate when white girls wear lipstick the same colour as their foundation! As if their lips ain't thin enough (sorry for generalising). It looks so sh*t.
  6. Accra

    That Grim Suga Lips

    I haven't got net access at home... Someone summarise her story please. I'm at uni so I can't watch the vid.
  7. Had it since I was 2. Used to be out of control but about 6 months ago I go put on a new inhaler called Symbicort. It's sick. Use my blue one like once a month now.Had to go to hospital once when I was younger from an attack. Apart from that they've been fairly minor. Still had to get up during the night sometimes fighting to breathe when I was young. Mum had to draw for theWho knows about the doctor always making you use...
  8. Accra

    It's late

    Yeah you're right. Done it now.Thanks anywaaaaaays.BLESSY.Brum, here I come.
  9. Accra

    It's late

    I need to set my itunes to not sync automatically or I will lose everything on my ipod. I know I can unclick the box when it's connected but it's too late then.How do I do it? I'm sure it's very simple but my brain isn't working coz I'm so tired.Help please.
  10. Accra

    Weekend plans

    Why you keep giving them away?Cousin - yes. Both girls, no.Lol at getting pissed off and not drinking the KA, then complaining you want it.
  11. Accra

    Sweaty Balls

    arr skeen. most my boxers are tight.(no carpe on the beach)Lol.
  12. Accra

    Weekend plans

    I'm about to start packing. Moving up to Birmingham again tomorrow.I hate packing!
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