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    had a totally unexpected day that kinda compromised my nights plan lolnow jst chillin watchin stand up on paramount
  2. lol some girl i talked 2 thought Famlay's was the original version aswellanyways, 1st time i heard it stil
  3. appreciate all the words truly.she had a much needed heart surgery lst month n was on way to full recovery these past few weeks. but 3 weeks ago she started feelin really unwell agen so i rang 999 (4 da 1st time, was kind of a surreal experience). so after checks they said she mightve got infected thru the scar. so she was put on anti biotics etc for couple of days then the past week or so she was on her way to being better.i saw her last week and she was much much better than the state she went in hospital. i jammed wit her on valentines day, we bussed joke etcthen her temperature risen agen these past few days. they stil dont know what EXACTLY happend, waitin for a post mortem exam. my last words to her was 'see you later' before i left last week. she was only 45, 46 in june and the youngest of 6 siblings (4 sisters, 2 brothers).im stil in shocked u know, keep wishin this is some bad bad dream. safe again ppl. every single word said here i appreciate no doubt.
  4. me n my bro was very close.it killed me inside seein my lil bro cry like that, hes been thru a lot and hes only 15hes one of the best students in the school, Taekwondo National Champions etc, guna be in the 2012 olympics etc...
  5. Rest In Peace Mum.shits f*cked right bout now.my grandma, my grandad, my best friends dad, my other good friends grandma and now my mum... all in the space of one year.i smile because now i know shes in peace. she raised a wonderful son (my brother) and a not so wonderful but as he got older he wised up son (myself)saying goodbye to her body made me realise that now, i have NOTHING to be afraid of.cos the worst thing that cud happen to me just did.im guna miss the beatings, the shouting n the nagging she gives me. and everytime before i go out she always tells me to pull my trousers up lol.Love You Mum.
  6. loltrueits the year to post the good pics oh by all means, be my guest
  7. well Mr Lego is a RWD OG, he contributes to http://www.betterneverthanlate.blogspot.com
  8. 2008 is not the year for postin pics of boog hair cuts im afraid.
  9. BANG BANG my barber wasnt in today so had to settle for someone else and he faded me to high now i look like an army sargeant GANG
  10. a shopby some bloke called daveand hes angry
  11. is better, features better kicks too, £35 + £4 p+p
  12. bayy

    SMH @ some White Gals

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