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  1. The whole night was a shambles. Boy better know were good. Knew suttin was up from when it was 10 n cam still werent on. Concert was too good to be true. And Lmao at bare guys runnin up on stage for on reason. Knew it was time to go frm there. Clocked mizchief still n think i seen thizzle.
  2. Dipset


    108 mill u know. lucky guy. dunno why he went public though only a matter of time till him and his girl splits. most couples who go public never seem to handle it, makes no sense.
  3. Dipset

    Crime Network

    Really dont know how girls choose to walk alone in dodge places. must be scary though / nuts what the camera can catch with the movements of the murdered sheff guy. killer will probs get away with it
  4. First listen weren't impressed or interested. Found the insta joke pics more amusing. She looks good though.
  5. Dipset

    Wireless 2014

    Perry Park is such a crap park to have it at. Still tempted to reach the kanye headline day
  6. Probably a week or 2 .. Could only go without these things if im on holiday etc otherwise i'm bored.
  7. I swear when u start drivin theres always someone that takes the f*ckin piss and thinks ur taxi!
  8. Watched the last hour. Terrible I dnt like that presenter nikita. Proper awkward n dry. Yawn at rita ora. And t boz. Wowww. And ahh the waterfalls remake is crap. Tlc must b pissed.
  9. Her style sounds dodge. I reckon if u said sumthing shed make more of an effort but crocs and flares in 2012 .. sigh / C/s the kitten heels hate. I dnt think they look good at all.
  10. id be gutted. not ready for that chapter in life yet.
  11. Dipset

    2012 round up

    Your own personal achievements Getting promoted at work .. getting a degree .. finally having the courage to do long distance drive .. Your own personal failures Not getting a job in what im qualifed in yet Your highest high Promotion at work .. graduating .. Your lowest low Havin a major asthma attack few months bk. Scary not being able to breathe i fully panicked. How have you changed since 2011 Dont go out raving at all. Abandoned my vampire ways aspirations for 2013 New job .. win the lottery .. new car or first couple holiday. Or both
  12. Lol me. And nah seen him at keri hilsons concert he was a supporting act there. / The gay guys reaction lmao
  13. damn laptop died today. *pours some liquor while its in repair*
  14. that 16yr old girl was soooo sick! / i hope nathan blows one day but not through x factor, hes better than that
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