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  1. Admin.

    The bad weather topic

    Love this topic makes me complaining about it only being 37 where i am amazing cant always be 40 i guess 🤷‍♂️
  2. Admin.

    boxing General Boxing Thread

    Dubois looked good he is slow tho like bruno slow in the head / warrington is underrated imo making everyone fight his shit style and just outworking them
  3. Admin.

    Wireless 2016

  4. Admin.

    Love Island

    not my problem if she only dates black guys but we all know she fucks anyone with £$£$
  5. Admin.

    Love Island

    Always hated them anna type chicks
  6. Admin.

    uk-rap Fredo

    yh mad
  7. Wouldnt be surprised this was just omegas ting at a gaming convention see in couple weeks when they have there own show in jacksonville
  8. Admin.

    Is Stormzy a Industry Plant?

  9. whats logan doing at the aew zone ? @Roy Batty @Logan
  10. wwe attendance and ratings breaking all kinds of record lows
  11. Admin.

    Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Icos Topic

    Back up above £10k
  12. Admin.

    Love Island

    porchy rolling in his grave when danny swapped yewande out for arrabela
  13. Admin.

    Jeremy Kyle