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  1. Admin.

    live Uefa Nations League Topic

    Lmao pickford how is that not a pen prems 2 most overated keepers in 1 game
  2. Admin.

    live Uefa Nations League Topic

    game on 1-3 paco
  3. Admin.

    live Uefa Nations League Topic

    Oi how you olay high line and david de gea this could be 6 or 7
  4. Admin.

    live Uefa Nations League Topic

    When England let other sides dominate the ball >>>> shame they usually tire out near the end tho would win every tournament if games were 60 mins
  5. Admin.

    live Uefa Nations League Topic

    0-2 Rashford kane with a sick pass
  6. Admin.

    live Uefa Nations League Topic

    Sterling top bins keeper made it easy for him still
  7. Admin.

    live Uefa Nations League Topic

    How can he not central mid is dead
  8. Admin.

    #MeToo Movement

    yes, knocked mans hat off his head.
  9. Admin.

    Renato Sanches

    clement was the worst thing that happened to him finally started putting his training performances on match days now might still yet fulfill his potential
  10. Admin.

    Nile Ranger

    im not saying for free.. just something as minor as him having a driver to take him about would have saved a lot of his drama
  11. Admin.

    Nile Ranger

    of cors you can
  12. Admin.

    Nile Ranger

    Thats a great interview tbf Sounds like he needed someone to nanny him more then anything
  13. Admin.

    Strictly curse

    If your dry humping someone for 12 hours a day and neother of you are repulsive its only natural... but these EE tings are so flagrant with there cheating
  14. Admin.

    Managerial Merry Go Round

    He plays dead football tho 1 season they attacked and won the league
  15. Admin.

    Dodgy runnings at Speakers' Corner

    think its him who should have put dinky on ignore