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    1. defo the lack of juice as whyte said why "he was feeling like that"
    2. they know the target audience
    3. Bodybuilder exposed we been waiting for this day time for the heel turn
    4. anything i dont see i blame jamie oliver
    5. Admin.

      Warm Showers

      I legit came in here to say hot showers in summer >> warm in winter keeps your body temp nice how naive and innocent am i ffs
    6. landslide or brexit party Farage would be PM if it were a GE
    7. Admin.

      Theresa May

      Stays just long enough to overtake gordon brown lol
    8. specials on itv/itv 4 tonight check your tv guide and pre show on itv4 saturday night
    9. Not a fan of “up and comers” belts dont get you over and for me the “money in the bank” is the #2 belt behind the title that main events imagine ali coming out to cash in on rollins to complete utter silence
    10. Admin.

      Game Of Thrones

      If they took another season it would have been alright writing is not too bad just the pacing was a off if GRRM ever finishes the books gnna be cold reading POV versions of danny justifying what she does and bran playing everyone in order to win the game of thrones...
    11. Admin.

      Game Of Thrones

      bran > played the long game
    12. thought they were setting up omega v pac at all in 2 for the belt guess they couldnt secure a visa and are going for an angle lying to fans already TNA2 ?
    13. BJS on BT now Inoue on sky 10pm Wilder on sky 3am
    14. help boost population they need people (workers/soldiers etc...)
    15. I dont watch because it doesnt mean anything its a weekly show that resets every week like the simpsons no advancements might have the odd moment that you can check youtube for but 0 story
    16. nah never done but at least i have a weekly show i can watch now should be on ITV too
    17. Admin.

      Game Of Thrones

      There are a bunch of faults with the writing im not buying a single one of the major complaints fans have tho danny been mad for seasons All she has ever said is that she wants to burn cities down to the ground everytime she conquers a city every season she has burned a city or people to the ground as well
    18. Yh ill back it hopefully means itv4 will show the weekly show
    19. All liverpool fans left in 2014 after they bottled the league tho ones posting today stuck it through the banter
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