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  1. Em Dott

    Recommendations - No Spoilers

    Yoooo this series is so sick. Easily one of the most enjoyable series I have ever watched. On episode 7 of season 2 and started watching saturday evening. Literally got no studying done because I had to keep watching the following episode. Big big props to Kerser on this.
  2. Em Dott

    Harvey Weinstein

    At what point did I even allude to that? That title is clickbait and even tge audio clip is. There is no real context to the statement and is as bad as using a twitter post as a representation of a person's character. I have listened to their podcast for ages and understand that the nuance of that particular conversation can't be obtained from that 45 second clip. Now if he actually is guilty then he should definitely be held accountable and punished but in my humble opinion, I don't believe it and I merely think the reason he hasn't addressed any of these allegations is because he understands his legal team will do a far better job of dealing with the actual case than him attempting to respond to twitter mobs. Even if he has been "creepy", saying overtly that you'll do this and that in no way definitely means that you would rape someone when they're unconscious or not respect someone saying no. All I'm saying is wait and see what happens rather than assuming we know the facts.
  3. Em Dott

    Harvey Weinstein

    Wow they are proper reaching with this shit lol This is pathetic.
  4. Em Dott

    mufc Paul Pogba

  5. Em Dott

    Harvey Weinstein

    I personally don't believe this and would rather wait until charlamagne speaks on it. The guy is way too open, especially on the charge he has (which if it is the same case she is gassing) and critical of guys who are real sexual predators. I also get the feeling that he'll be quiet on this for a while, not because of guilt, but because he's gonna get lawyers to handle the situation. Nonetheless I hope we all get clarity and an in depth explanation on his podcast or something because it would be a real shame if the allegation destroys his success.
  6. Em Dott

    Harvey Weinstein

    Link to documents?
  7. Em Dott

    Harvey Weinstein

    If this is the same case that charlamagne has repeatedly talked about then he isn't being exposed about anything and this story is straight gas. There was no DNA evidence linking him to it at all. I'm pretty confident that this guy of all people would not be as open as he is and critical of other sex offenders if this was on his resume.
  8. Em Dott

    Harvey Weinstein

    But he has regularly admitted he has a statutory rape conviction on his file and has explained exactly how it happened (basically he ended up taking the fall for someone else unintentionally). If this is something else then I don't know, but if it's the same thing I doubt he is worried considering he has never been shy in talking about it if it comes up. I doubt it will hurt his deals and money considering anyone who deals with him and has done even a tiny bit of research will know exactly the type of person they are dealing with.
  9. Em Dott

    Quarter Finals

  10. Em Dott

    Quarter Finals

    Exactly. He is a nightmare for defenders and in my opinion no one else in that squad is even close to how good he is at running at defenders. He creates the space for other players and if he could finish he would be even more of a problem. I want him to score just to shut his naysayers up but not everything should be judged on goal output, especially when he's not a striker.
  11. Em Dott

    mufc Paul Pogba

    I personally feel some people struggle with learning languages because they have no vested interest in using it. Me for example had a really narrow mentality where I never thought I would leave tge country and therefore why would I need to learn a language. That was tge fault of the people around me not showing me how many opportunities tgere are in tge world. When I started learning portuguese in 2012 I was so invested in it in preparation for my trip to Brazil in 2014 I was studying every day and immersing myself in it heavily. But now I have no one around me that speaks portuguese so it's definitely way worse than it was around 2014. Like porch said, I would love to find a missus that speaks another language because she's gonna teach me and my kids. Short of that hopefully find a job abroad for a while so I learn.
  12. Em Dott

    Pics of chicks we have beat

    😕 What are these words?
  13. Em Dott

    Group Stage Round 2 (All Groups)

    You don't rate them man nah? Anything for the dons!!! Although saying that that guy Jackaldinho, the myth and King are pretty good.
  14. Em Dott


    For the football heads... The podcasts these guys do are really really good. The level of tactical insight is incredible and the fact that they give each other ample time to convey their points mean it is a solid listen. Enjoy people / If you check on itunes I think there are more than there are on the youtube playlist I put above.