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    Game Of Thrones

  2. Looking at going to Colombia next year between March and end of May. Likely will be in Medellin. Anyone been that can recommend stuff to do and places to see. And of CRLS, your input will be invaluable so please feel free to chime in.
  3. You got the actual website for this? Wanna send it to someone.
  4. I went to Brazil but for Salvador carnival. Carnival is a great experience and going with the band at least once is something I would recommend. Now from what I've been told and seen of Rio Carnival it is not like Salvador at all. The main event that everyone goes to see or raves about is the parade of the samba bands in a huge stadium. And it is literally that. You sit in seats watching all the bands go by. There is no interaction or getting involved at all, whereas Salvador carnival was like Notting hill carnival in that it's on the street and you can get involved. I do believe Rio has a smaller street carnival so you can still get involved but it's not to the scale of Salvador. Word of warning is be on your Ps and Qs when out and about because assuming it's like Salvador during carnival, muggers and pickpockets are in full force and they normally roll in gangs more than ready for the swingers. To give you an idea, virtually everyone in our hotel barring my friend and I was robbed during the 6 days or so of carnival. If you have some streetsmarts about you you should be able to identify the potentially dodgy characters and move to reduce the likelihood of ending up in a situation. Also do everything to stay our of the way of the police because they are probably the most violent gang of individuals you will come across in that entire country. Not sure what the availability of English is like in Rio, but where I stayed in Salvador NO ONE spoke English outside of other tourists in our hotel so have a decent enough amount of Portuguese in your locker to order food, ask where to catch a taxi, etc. All in all, I would love to go back for like 3-6 months and actually try and explore the country and get my portuguese to a fluent level.
  5. That's my regular way of playing football. Play every Saturday at westway from 12:30 to 2:30pm. The Wednesday 8:30pm session there is also really good. After carnival I'm back on it.
  6. Yoooo this series is so sick. Easily one of the most enjoyable series I have ever watched. On episode 7 of season 2 and started watching saturday evening. Literally got no studying done because I had to keep watching the following episode. Big big props to Kerser on this.
  7. At what point did I even allude to that? That title is clickbait and even tge audio clip is. There is no real context to the statement and is as bad as using a twitter post as a representation of a person's character. I have listened to their podcast for ages and understand that the nuance of that particular conversation can't be obtained from that 45 second clip. Now if he actually is guilty then he should definitely be held accountable and punished but in my humble opinion, I don't believe it and I merely think the reason he hasn't addressed any of these allegations is because he understands his legal team will do a far better job of dealing with the actual case than him attempting to respond to twitter mobs. Even if he has been "creepy", saying overtly that you'll do this and that in no way definitely means that you would rape someone when they're unconscious or not respect someone saying no. All I'm saying is wait and see what happens rather than assuming we know the facts.
  8. Wow they are proper reaching with this shit lol This is pathetic.
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