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  1. Angela found the footage from the night of the shooting and saw ghost didn't head to where the gun was hidden at all, confirming that he was framed.
  2. I'm contemplating doing Dominican Republic again next year just as a holiday for myself to relax. I do remember the levels of women there being so fucking high. Porchy, if you are looking to do Barbados be aware that pretty much first two weeks of August is cropover so prices are good to be a lot higher than the third week onwards. I'm actually going to be out there from August 2nd to August 10th, flying to grenada from there after that. I enjoyed this holiday so much last year I had to do it again but now I'm single it's going to be so much better.
  3. The bumpa on Lala in episode 2 😍😍😍😍
  4. Pain These days I'm not feeling to do a holiday with more than 3 other people and if there's even the slightest possibility they could flake I plan without them.
  5. I'm not looking for a wife right now at all. Plus on top of the fact I have just seen you need to pay to use it I'll give it a miss.
  6. The likelihood of me finding women just on friends with benefits type arrangements?
  7. Yo is Insta still a good shout for trying to draw gal? Contemplating casting my net wider than tinder to see what can be bagged.
  8. I love this guy. Guy is creating his future by speaking it into existence. Dont get why people have a problem with him. He is a father that believes in his child and does everything to ensure his child succeeds.
  9. Love watching this guy when he plays. He literally glides around the pitch effortlessly. I love seeing players that are genuinely two footed like him and cazorla.
  10. Was a good match. That England team was way more entertaining to watch than the senior team. Did anyone hear that idiot Danny Mills say that the players eligible for Nigeria should pick England over Nigeria because they won't win any major tournament. I'm sure he clearly forgot that Nigeria made it further than England in the last World Cup.