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    In the bookies hoping Kerser's mum will catch that fucking rabbit!!!

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  1. Group Stage Round 2 (All Groups)

    You don't rate them man nah? Anything for the dons!!! Although saying that that guy Jackaldinho, the myth and King are pretty good.
  2. Podcasts

    For the football heads... The podcasts these guys do are really really good. The level of tactical insight is incredible and the fact that they give each other ample time to convey their points mean it is a solid listen. Enjoy people / If you check on itunes I think there are more than there are on the youtube playlist I put above.
  3. Rating Chicks

    LMAO Toney and his references>>>_________
  4. World Cup Fantasy

    I just assumed its the same more or less as the official prem one.
  5. World Cup Fantasy

  6. 2017/18 Hot Summer

  7. Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    This topic has become a full fledged firefight 😂
  8. Mike Kane EXPOSED !!!

    Been a while since there has been a topic on the forum that has genuinely had me entertained and looking forward to more posts. Good work all 👍🏽
  9. 😂😂😂 I remember ages ago there was meant to be a five a side and I think only me and two other people in the group confirmed. Everyone else went ghost.
  10. Pretty ironic that lahi said he doesn't rate short sleeved keepers 👀
  11. Football League Play Offs 2018

    Fulham 🙌🏽 Looking forward to seeing them. Can see them doing alright.
  12. Football League Play Offs 2018

    Fulham play some really good football. Would like to see them more regularly in the prem.
  13. Rating Chicks

    This woman is absolutely gorgeous 😍 https://nuttinbutthikchikz.tumblr.com/post/174157377051/fletchertrowan-ill-drink-to-that How do you embed images on here?

    Calm down geezer. I haven't grown out my beard, previously I would always shave it down. I'm sure there are some obese women waiting for you to impregnate them on your travels that will be way more interesting than commenting on my facial hair situation.

    Not comb at all? I'm kinda new to this growing a beard thing so still trying to work out everything. Someone else did advise me to trim so I'll get on to that. I was just conscious about taking off too much hair and basically wasting growth. Decided to grow it until at least September but gonna aim for end of the year depending on how it looks.