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    In the bookies hoping Kerser's mum will catch that fucking rabbit!!!

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  1. 2017/18 Cold Winter

    This I agree with and tbh I took this from what he said initially. It's very easy to talk on here in a very open manner when you don't have to see the emotional damage someone is experiencing as a result of some of these incidents, victims and perpetrators alike, who are within their immediate circle. Nothing wrong with discussing an incident but it's probably worth just thinking a couple seconds longer about how you get your point across when discussing topics such as these.

    Who do you guys use for booking package holidays? Thinking of taking a week break by myself to somewhere hot like Dominican Republic or Jamaica around November. Just want time away by myself so I can relax.

    What a player. Defo one of my favourite footballers of all time.
  4. Week 23 - 17/18 Premier League

    Fackin' ell. This game is sick.
  5. Will machines eventually turn on us?

    All I know, is it better not become like Metalhead because that shit was fucked.
  6. Jimmy Bullard Appreciation Thread

    Season finished ages ago. At least you'll get them all in one go. David bentley episode was good.
  7. Podcasts

    Just heard. RIP
  8. Jimmy Bullard Appreciation Thread

    New series coming very soon. Teaser has been uploaded.
  9. Under 17 World Cup on bbc two now.
  10. Ozark

    Finished watching this on Tuesday. Very enjoyable program and have been recommending it a lot of people. Looking forward to season 2.
  11. For those interested, England playing usa in under 17 world cup. Ghana unfortunately lost to Mali in the first quarter final. This England team is really good to watch. Hope they don't grow to rot in league one.
  12. Podcasts

    This was actually pretty good.
  13. Golovkin vs Alvarez - 16 Sept 17

    What time is this likely to be shown? Really wanna watch this fight but not if it is at like 4am.