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    In the bookies hoping Kerser's mum will catch that fucking rabbit!!!

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  1. Joshua vs Parker 31st March 2018

    Any streams?
  2. Westworld

    Finished watching this yesterday. What a program. Thoroughly looking forward to season 2.
  3. I should have had more faith. I only put £5 down. But hopefully City win and there's at least 5 goals in the match so I can get some more cash back. Might as well profit from Arsenal being Arsenal.
  4. Rating Chicks

    ID on the top one please?
  5. Rating Chicks

  6. Rating Chicks

    https://ineedbbw2.tumblr.com/post/171387539028 Dont know how to embed but no dom. No need. I'll worry about the consequences later on.
  7. Atlanta

    Can't wait. Literally rewatching season 1 at this very moment. Show is too funny. The scene in the jail with the transvestite>>>______
  8. Podcasts

    Why? I think he is pretty hilarious. I know he can be really argumentative, but since that episode of Brilliant Idiots where Charlamagne put him in check he hasn't been anywhere near as bad.
  9. Podcasts

    If you don't mind listening to Andrew Schulz (of the Brilliant Idiots) this is a pretty funny podcast to listen to. They basically review different shows/movies so probably a good idea to ensure you have at least watched it to avoid spoliers.
  10. Rating Chicks

  11. Rip Stormin

  12. Marvel Super Heroes

    This film and Deadpool were definitely my favourites. Got back from watching it a couple of hours ago and definitely think I could watch it again. Need to watch the other relevant Marvel movies to prepare for Infinity War. Sidenote: Michael B Jordan's physique was sick. Aiming for that come summer next year.
  13. THE WIRE

    Fack RIP