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  1. trying to cut down on venting, its just negative energy and solves nothing imo / god bless eliquid and those shisha clarinet things, copped one for my old man and the guys fully put down cigarettes that he's been banging for 30-40 years and legit looks healthier and is eating/sleeping better. good stuff.
  2. whats thailand saying now days lad, has the wow factor worn off yet or you still loving it off
  3. i rate you lot that are striving to learn coding/programming. shit gives me migraines just looking at it
  4. we're in a first world country, not mumbai
  5. get an iptv sub that has portuguese channels, theres a few about. sport tv 1-5 completely bangs
  6. pistachio milkshake in macdonna >>>>>>
  7. i copped this http://www.gsmarena.com/lenovo_zuk_z2_pro-8038.php 128gb hdd, 6gb ram. was about 240... i hope to fuck its easy to root, i never rate the custom launchers all these chinese companies have. i had a oneplus for a few years and it was by far the best phone ive had, i cant go back to apple/samsung phones. battery life is trash
  8. the "drill" producers need more credit. that mazzaa guy makes absolute bangers man. i.e https://soundcloud.com/mazzabeats/crashem
  9. Necksta


    tinder is foul. believe the most average 5/10 has in excess of 100 guys in her dms, all wanting to buy her drinks and take her out. online dating is shit unless you wanna beat fat baby mums or girls with severe mental problems.
  10. i rate poch but hes bought trash, 30m for sissoko im still doing backflips in my room 20m for jansen as well, and nkodou, clinton njie etc sissoko is an athlete, he should be at stoke or swansea.
  11. arabs are the biggest hypocrites, go edgware road bare younis' up in corals
  12. 9 pages for this. has this place dried up or are people just trolls now? flat earth ffs howay man
  13. Necksta


    so stop watching other people so hard. wasn't you the guy that said fekky's yard was rented out for the day too? sound bitter "bro"
  14. Necksta


    ...Live your life.
  15. has anyone clocked how dirt the regens become? the wingers/strikers are fuuuuuuucked.
  16. shame the girls in that pic are caked
  17. Necksta


    :rofl: i love vip
  18. Necksta


    :rofl: i love vip
  19. Necksta


    :rofl: i love vip
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