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  1. shaian


    looking to go dam this month for couple days. never been before. any sites to check for deals? whats the average price for flights (not weekend)
  2. shaian

    Black Dynamite (Makers Of Boondocks)

    will watch. movie was jokes. thread about movie
  3. shaian

    What Trainers Ya Feeling?

    same people who was cussin me about the uptempos few months back.... got them this weekend and are all like SMH (not people here) i love the 6's. but not that colour. had the black ones back in the day.
  4. shaian


    dont know if been mentioned. tarzan 2 - # 35 in charts
  5. shaian

    Love and Hip Hop

  6. shaian

    FAO Lucozaders

    agreed tropical is WAY better
  7. shaian

    Facebook rolls out the ability to edit user comments

    if facebook had a dislike button would be too many girls killing themselves..imagine a chick posts a pic thinking she looking hot then all a sudden 322 dislikes.....gonna cause too much trouble.
  8. shaian

    FAO Lucozaders

    tropical...orange...original.... not for sport tho... just general thirst.
  9. shaian

    VIP2 MOVIE CLUB pt.2

    EXIT STRATEGY felt like i was tricked into this.. AVOID AT ALL COSTS
  10. shaian

    Love and Hip Hop

    Man. This sh*t so fake. But I'm gonna be watching the rest. What a bitch
  11. shaian

    Love and Hip Hop

    What the f*ck am I watching.
  12. shaian


    old cash money intros....mannie fresh.....
  13. shaian

    What Trainers Ya Feeling?

    nike store still have basically every size of the 4's in stock still. when the cements dropped, half the sizes were sold out by the morning. either people are not bothered so much or the yeezy hype made everyone forget about these. i wish this would happen when the bred 11's drop in december, and buying trainers goes back to normal. Not this sold out line up 3 days before bs.
  14. shaian

    How bad do you want it? part 2

    depends on yours or his definition of success i guess
  15. shaian

    How bad do you want it? part 2