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  1. Demos

    grime grime packages for fruity loops?

    best to make ur own sounds
  2. Demos

    Cemetary Warriors

    i think the line up is:Riko, Flowdan, godsgift and killa p
  3. Demos

    Excuse me

  4. Demos

    grime Grime Vs Dnb

    whats the beat devilman spits over (in the first video)?
  5. Demos

    just wow

    thats f*ck*ng sick
  6. Demos

    grime Classic Grime Appreciation Thread

    safe Dominic
  7. Demos

    Sub Bass

  8. Demos

    grime Classic Grime Appreciation Thread

    anyone got big$hot-stomp?
  9. Demos

    How serious are you about this?

    pretty much the same reason as that
  10. Demos

    Recommend A Dubstep Track...

    when DJ orien's remix of pulse X coming out?
  11. Demos

    Freedom of Speech Thoughts?

    pshhhhhhhnever ever ever ever thatYour lost.This mixtape is the best release grime has had yet, liked most of the tracksfavourites:CommandmentsBuss 1Fake Mc'sWhos Got?Real TalkConvo With A Cabbieaxiom ep>>>>>>>>>>>>>freedom of speechDurrty Goodz>>>>>>>>>>>Ghetto
  12. Demos

    OGs season

  13. Demos

    OGs season

    this mixtape>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>freedom of speech imothoughts?