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    Cheap and cheerful £8 return London - Paris via Megabus coach services. They also got cheap Amsterdam coach tickets. Late June and onwards depending on your travel dates.
  2. Can someone upload the full version please. Think the track title is 'Ridin' Thanks in advance.
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    XXL Freshmen 2012

    10ille should be on this list. I love her.
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    Have not been on here for a while. What username is Lahi under these days? Thanks in advance Lofa/Mirado
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    Any one have information on Berlin? Where to stay, things to do, day to day budget etc Thanks in advance.
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    Kentish Town filth.
  7. My friend wants an interesting nipple bar for her birthday. Do not know if purchasing one for her is new age or pervy of me.
  8. All the South girls dress like they are in the 90s or are a carbon copy Topshop poster.
  9. This. Now.My circle is an isosceles triangle.Myself being the point and two close friends being the base. Close as the are I tend to keep them at a small distance.I lobe my team but you should never make anything your everything. When I was younger I put too much trust and hope into my friends. It can be very disappointing.
  10. I lobe this programme.
  11. That is Zalons brother, they sang with Amy Winehouse. Heshima was in BabyFather- TV Programme / Vodaphone advert.
  12. Slowly but surely I am becoming rupunzel.
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    No bickering in my thread.
  14. THE WEEKND. Really pissed off on how late I was discovering him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thyNWhPB81Y&feature=related
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    Geordie Shore

    Absoultely MOOOOOORTAL MANNNN. Love this programme.
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    Sorry JLove, I have been busy work wise. Campaign season. So much to say, have no idea where to begin. I will just ramble and then note some of my usual spots/bait places/favourites and note the address for you. BROOKLYN Bargains and vintage you should venture to Brooklyn. I love love love Williamsburg as well as Greenpoint and Parkslope ( all neighbourhoods in Brooklyn) for shopping and eateries. There are so many places in Brooklyn that are worth venturing to but the above is where I always seem to end up. Williamsburg is an extremely trendy cool kid area. I can only compare it to Shoreditch/NottingHill type places. It is a decent sized area aswell. Bedford Ave is packed with bars,boutiques and eateries. You can get the L line (Silver) from Manhattan straight to Bedford Avenue. Journey is super quick as it takes about ten minutes. I advise just wondering around the main strip and side streets as there are alot of hidden places and some are not named. Greenpoint is extremely residential and very pretty. Nice streets etc Neighbourhood is made up of mostly Polish and Hispanics so at first I was weary that there is some sort of race divide but it is a very safe and friendly neighbourhood and everyone knows each other and sits out on the stoops chatting and what not. Not many places to party here but lots of nice places for lunch and bars. Parkslope is a overall good area and it has got lots of everything and has easy access to places like Prospect Park and the botanical gardens etc. Lots lots to do here. Sweet Water - 105 North 6Street in Williamsburg is one of my favourite places for dinner( I am in love with one of the waiters). Usually rammed so try to get a reservation. I usually eat there around 7pm to avoid the crowds. The steak here is delicious, melt in your mouth delicious. SEA - 114 North 6th Street in Williamsburg ( it is more or less opposite SeaWater). Overly stylish. Decent drinks and food. Can get abit pretentious/video hoe types but that's because a rapper has a share in the place. I would recommend it for a drink/check it out if you're in the area. Papacito's - 999 Manhattan Ave - Greenpoint. Cheap. Good food. Nice outdoor area. I am getting bored. I will finish this later.
  17. After two weeks contemplation I have to say SOPRANOS
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    Before you applied it was free and it lasted two years. (90day maximum though) Now I think its the same but you pay a fee.
  19. Drinking Smoking Straight West Coastin
  20. Most females without spanx.
  21. Losing my mind. For a moment I thought this was a JA version of Rosetta Stone.
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    I will make a list and check it twice.
  23. I work too much.This leads to me feeling like I need to maximise the time that I am not working.Going bed at 4 and waking up at 7 on a regular and I feel like I may die./f*ck the Royal Wedding.
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    Perfect and I don't use that word liberally.
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