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    Island hop in the South. Perfect amount of time to do so and more touristy than the North so you will meet people easily. Ko Phangan - Full moon. Try go Amsterdam bar, bit of a journey away from the main spots but amazing view of the island. You can smoke weed here ( they have the best munchies menu) and pick fresh magic mushrooms if thats your thing. They have weed and mushrooms bars on the main fullmoon beach but they dont compare. Ko Tao - Only go there to dive. You can obtain your scuba diving license easily here. Ko Samui - Very western and touristy. Lots of family package holidaymakers. Nice. Exspensive compared to the other islands. Lots of activities like bungee jumping etc Ko phi-phi- Tiny. Peng. Extremely bait. Definately do the 'beach tour of maya bay'. Ko Lanta - Quiet. The kind of place you just swim and eat whilst occassionaly riding a motorbike. Railay - Stunning island. Tiny. You either go here to rock climb or smoke lots of weed. Krabi - Would not spend much time here although they do have shops and cinemas etc Bangkok - Check out the weekend market Chatucha, its absolutely massive with food, animals, electronics and clothes sections. KohSan road is a bait spot and no doubt you will end up at a ping pong show. Happy travels.
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    Where the f*ck AGAIN is the Raving thread, Live thread and Travel thread. I have information to share that may benefits others. f*ck you mods.
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    J. Cole Topic

    He came on at the end for a hot minute and then stood with the crowd at the side. intimate venue. priceless.
  4. Long haired curly one is actually beautiful.
  5. Mike Glorious goes to Sri Lanka.
  6. Lofa

    Post Christmas Sales

    They can claim the tax back on whatever they purchase... Reason number one.
  7. Real skipping is faster than an average jog.
  8. 'Vouchers really are the worst present.It's like, I know, I will give you some money that you can only spend in one place and it has an expiry date'
  9. Ten stack of what? Jaffa cafes
  10. Lofa

    Post Christmas Sales

    The trains will not work. Oh for f*ck sake.
  11. Vertigo, I just got Christmas jealousy.
  12. You brought the dissapoint on yourself from time you can't feel the weight difference between socks and a bottle of alcohol.
  13. The real effort is learning to make your hands do two complicated things at the same time.
  14. I'm playing Bring Em Out when the food is ready.
  15. ARGHHHH METH. Method Man is live...live. It should be a good one for those going.
  16. Dunno if this is what you meant..I learnt to play the piano when I was about 8years old using beginner books and this always helped me to read music fluently.Once I learnt the basics I then bought a keyboard and practiced using that.I then took a long sabbatical (life) and eventually forgot everything apart from party time ditties. Decided to pick it up again and used the same methods and it came back, obviously it helped to just trigger what I already knew.Piano is essentially about practice and patience. Good hands help also.Hope that helps.
  17. They did this to promote this business. Slowly slowly
  18. The issue is that she wants equality within the genders.
  19. Good luck. Been working on my US Visa for tiiime.
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    FAO : DJs'

    Thank you to all.
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