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  1. people in Jamaica eat Bammy people in Nigeria eat Gari same thing, its cassava. #roots
  2. Girls too black for DSTRKT / Fridge too black for Brixton

    wow last rave in London was about 2011 maybe? we did a party bus thing a few months ago that was kind of live
  3. Girls too black for DSTRKT / Fridge too black for Brixton

    that white privilege there
  4. Girls too black for DSTRKT / Fridge too black for Brixton

    never had a problem getting into any club in westend but more time I would have my tits out anyway. But seriously, people still rave? Even my lil bro and his peeps just rent apartments for the night and have house parties.
  5. bkchat ldn

    I actually watched an episode of this randomly last night 'my boyfriend wont wife me because I had surgery' or something, had potential but I got bored quickly
  6. new chappelle stand up

    Im excited for this
  7. Bolt fuckery

    better mind he dont bring back Zika virus
  8. Uber

    yeah two now, my house is cray toys errywhere... my one good comment about uber is the one time i did use it the car was nice and clean
  9. From your experience

    in terms of selfishness i dont feel so unless maybe they have an epiphany. hard to generalize, but everyone knows that 1 aunt that's stingy with the food at a family party, she been like that since u were 3 and u nearly 30 now smh
  10. Uber

    I drive most places tho... me n little jahlonian and jahleeka
  11. Uber

  12. Uber

    I may be rather old fashioned, but I don't trust it, Uber scares me.
  13. East London To Get An All-Asian Shopping Mall

    what happens if a non asian person goes there?
  14. Ice Bucket Challenge

    lol saana got a club thumb curse the person who pointed that out to me ruined every pic.
  15. You Know You Are From London When...

    lmao@ sirens are your lullabies better than gunshot being ur bedtime story like some places iv been. sirens would be a reassurance, at least someone's coming. poor poor list you know ur from london when most people off ends looks like the result of 5 generations of inbreeding.no offence