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  1. says the swag spurs fan
  2. look i jus gave my honest opinionur allowed 2 talk bout dese shitty brazilian players wif no name around dem, jus cos u seen dem score 1 goalsay dey r gonna b big stars wen clearly they aint
  3. sherringham is sick thou wtf
  4. you want more members yhbut when new members make a contributionu take dere rights off dem waste!
  5. both them tunes aint even grime 2 meboth hip hop imo
  6. do u think chelsea should make a move for this guyguys 40nd still playin sickgets bare goalsbare underatedi fink chelsea shud put an offer of 1 million or somethin lyk dat in 4 himimo
  7. LMAOLOL tru say i saw one asian lookin bre he said he was from brazilHow many black players do Liverpool have? Like 1 & a 1/2? & two on loan who ain't coming back.Luv my Arsenal.seen so u need black playerstbh hoo cares wht race dey r?
  8. didnt even no bout dat mixtape lol :oops: :oops: :oops:
  9. this is deep n sooooo much betta den sum bullshit !!!BIZZLE BIZZLE!!!honestly bruv, dat bizzle bullshit or masks? wat u feelin more?masks but bizzle beet is sick imond dat bizzle tune is catchy thou"im a barbie girl, in a barbie world" was catchy n got 2 numba 1 in the charts... was still a bullshit track thoyeh but i dont see millions of white trash parents buying 7 copies of bizzle bizzle for each kid stilllmao
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