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  1. loads of speculation online that Joseph Gordon-Levitt could end up playing a cameo as Robin or even Nightwing (who is more fitting for Nolans portrayal of the Batman universe)
  2. there are a few instances where you cant make out certain words too clearly...but other than that its cool....when viewing it in the cinema it should be alot more clearer
  3. there are a few instances where you cant make out certain words too clearly...but other than that its clear....when viewing it in the cinema it should be alot more clearer
  4. seen the prolouge....was decent Banes Voice tho>>>> think Hardy will do well in this...watched it on Youtube and it was taken down as soon as i replayed it
  5. yea the 6 minute prolouge its officially called
  6. The 6 minute trailer has already leaked on Youtube But they are getting taken down SWIFTLY
  7. I reckon Hardy will do well as Bane.....I think most people are currently put off just by looking at still images of him on set in character...i think alot of minds will change once the 6 minute trailer touches down...just like opinions drastically changed when Heath Ledger suprised everyone with his role as The Joker
  8. I think the lazarus pit will be in the movie...I remember seeing production pics of it a while back Poster looks good though...I think The Metro and Superhero Hype gave a description of what the 6 minute feature is like
  9. Flowers in the Attic (read the book...film is equally as good) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0093036/ Birds & Rear Window (both Alfred Hitchcock films) Schindlers List (Liam Neeson was great in this) Natural Born Killers Grave of Fireflies (in the top 3 animation movies IMO) Old Boy
  10. Always got space on the iPod for Bank$ gonna give this a listen
  11. lol, after the girl gave him an extra life he lost on the next level..game over
  12. exactly....like man was gonna bolt out the courtroom or suttin
  13. cant wait for this to drop looks sick
  14. Had a 2 or 3 experiences where the train was exiting the tunnel and slowing down on the platform on Finchely Road Station. Theres one short old..ish woman who tends to always barge past bare ppl like she is determined to be the first person to step on the train and get a seat....she was literally moving ppl out the way from the back of the crowd all the way to the front all u hear is bare tutting, kissing teeth....this woman didnt care....the amount of evils she got when she won the battle for her seat....i remember one woman had to speak up and say "my god...you could have said excuse me.."..lool Old woman didnt even batter an eye lid....just continued reading the Metro some ppl are so extra wen it comes to the tube
  15. Black Casper

    some news

    Richard Bransons Spaceport opens New Spaceport article link (Daily Mail unfortunately)
  16. Lol...havent taken the train for months...bus ftw Liverpool street station is always crazy in the mornings tho
  17. End credits was put together well....they forget lil Cease tho
  18. safe for the heads up may have play sum old skool Faith Evans also
  19. heads up Amazing Grace on itv3 - 11:20pm plot below for those who aint seen it
  20. :!: Plus, the lightie >>> YES British as well>>>> Wrapped it up for me
  21. Even though Metro with Eddie Murphy got slated I thought it was a pretty decent action film
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