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  1. hav suggested b4 noobs shud post in other rooms first,not as arule,just as a suggestionhav seen quite a few heads come up thru the lovelife room route and various other wayslol @ crowding around new users like a bunch of zombie grandmothers asking questions and offering tea and cake because were desperate to suck the life from ther bonesbut yesthe hostility may be a turn off,but if u dnt survive the hazing maybe internet life is not for you
  2. yeh or 100 airmaxking and shaolin sinzcan anyone comprehend the severity of wat yr doing here
  3. intro room is pointless unless u have the main room locked off,but then why will people want to join a empty site
  4. I think the idea is that energy bubbles like the one our universe was "Created from" CAN just manifest, we're not talking like a building just appearing in the middle of your living room, on the particle level because of an inbalance in matter.You see because we have a lifespan as living creatures I think we just apply time to everything as a matter of quantifying it i.e If its happening now it has to have started at some time and it will end at some point in the future, but I don't think this really applys to the universe because it's a continuing cycle when you argue about its orignal creation, if God made the earth what made god, and who made them, and who made them forever and ever.So I don't think there ever was a start of the universe or will ever be an end. They say that when a stars life ends it turns supernova but if you look at it on a molecular level it hasn't really ended because whatever you can class as matter from it still exists in another form in space.yh bare guys trying to pinpoint the start of infinity on road,sh*t is looped up still,outside of our dimension of comprehension tbh
  5. also fao admin/mods,dont think certain man r unable to read subliminals for instance the logo of this site-gateway to the underground- its bate this is just another way of saying this is a portal to hell or hades which u can access via email and the idea is u sell yr soul (yr story or picture) to lucifer so he can crown you as a king on this earth and you will be a 'vip too',hence the usage of the crown emblem lol just cos guys is still using the site dnt think they aint clocked it thats all im saying,the implications are rampant still not to mention manifold plus if u rearrange all the admins names the letters of names the satanic incantions leap of the page and all kinds of other stuff manifesting.site is chris though still cant lie, bless
  6. as far back as i remember i wanted to be a e-gangster
  7. yo very sorry to hear about this mandeepest condolences to you and yr familyR.I.P to your mumkeep yr head up and make her proud init
  8. this is sicksafe for the links playboy
  9. cleaning out my youtube conscience brbbanger tbh
  10. are mandem still posting in other threads yercba to check imo
  11. seen so are mandem still posting b4 0345 on 21/2/08 yeah? lol
  12. very satanic footage*sips holy lucozade*
  13. aint even seen it toby honestfirst blood is an 8
  14. Your god is fake. When you die your body will decompose and you will rot your way into the eternal nothingness that awaits us all. wow after all these years it took the wise words of steven to turn me into an atheist, congratulations.lolplus i wud love to cave in this shaolin guys head with a rock,surely thats something muslim,atheist and christian alike can all agree on?the truth hes bringing is to much for mesome dangerous but brave path hes chosen tbhwow what because i get you thinking instead of filling your head with religious quotes.louw being a bitch either look into the information or keep worshipping a false prophet. Its no skin off my teeth g. yesno
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