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  1. on the faster tyre and still cant pass lewis nico aint built for this
  2. GoldCoast


    tunes hard, hook is catchy another 1st week gold album on the way
  3. I'm inclined to believe Chelsea are chatting shit..... Mourinho back to his usual antics nothing surprising really
  4. cant believe the 10m figure and more ridiculous is chelsea willing to let go of Mata
  5. all these ridiculous huge sums been shared between execs, lawyers, representatives and agents then again if you want to win in this modern game you must pay the price else you suffer the same fate as the gunners
  6. if marcelo & neymar play this well all 90mins, cant see Brazil losing
  7. fuuuuck cant see how the final can beat the excitement in this
  8. Safety car atleast helps hamilton and massa hoping hamilton can still make it into the points.
  9. http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2013/mar/03/us-doctors-cure-child-born-hiv
  10. Fox news reluctantly call it too Obama re-elected
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