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    looks sick i love scary movieslooks decent
  2. he wants to go amsterdam ?i was thinkin more along the lines of paris and he says amsterdam ? i said to him last nite so where are we going then, he replied, we could go amsterdam still, i just looked at him like huh and said why again did i agree to give it another chance with uhe just laughed and smiled and then tryed to sell the idea of going dam to me - bud and bicycles, oh ye thats flippin romantic aint it, riding a bicyle stoned
  3. agree if you click on the image to many times, u get marked zero i don't get how people fail the question part, if you look over the book or dvds, its a piece of piss its the practical that is hard, pressure from the examner with his flippin scoreboard, u cant help but get para what box they are marking off. the worst is when u have clocked they have ticked the dangerous box and u have to carry on driving even though you know have failed can i just say though, driving in the right lane is not dangerous,ok so as a learner, your suppose to be in the left lane but its not exactly the same as going through a red light. that examiner wasted my time and money that day. prick
  4. need some new wing mirrors, they are electric ones, so gonna cost a bit i think ? one is just cracked :-/ the other one fell off on kingsway roundabout , had to get out and pick it up and tape it on,( randomly had cellatape in the car ) i didnt care abt traffic, i needed the damm mirror back. its due its service at the end of the month....thats gonna be fun oh well, only another 10 months of this cursed car, then hello 12 plate.
  5. LuLu

    Southport Weekender

    colin, minehead , somerset ? thats farrrr if thats the location
  6. LuLu

    Southport Weekender

    was talkin about this last night enough manchester people are going
  7. LuLu


    watched shutter island last nitewatchin it whilst intoxicated was a challenge as leo dicaprio's character is just hallucinating it all, we were like woah this is kinda baffling decent film though also watched sunday, duno why everyone hypes about that film or why they act like its related to the friday films when its not, its a sh*t version of friday without the main focus being bud, and ice cubes character is just basically like craig but in baltimore. money mike is jokes in it though, only thing that saves the film tbh.
  8. this bank holiday weekend was so much random joke
  9. circle = overated decent music but 1k for a table, ? dont think so, we just hijacked a table until the staff clocked on, tbh it looked more like a tree stub than a table. the place is to small and it aint all that , dunno why everyone hypes about the place we moved on to lounge after a while in there.
  10. LuLu


    ^ ye ive seen eden lake, watchable but kinda shitwatched orphan last week, family loose baby, adopt a kid from an orphanage, turned out she is not really a kid but 36yr old stuck in a kids body who is tryna kill off the family in order to seduce the husband, she puts his wife and son in hospital, the father is dumb and cant see whats going on, n wont listen to his wife one nite she dresses up in a black dress and trys to seduce him, he is like wtf no, so she stabs the sh*t out of himwas disturbing seeing a child like body tryna seduce a man, weird filmanyhow watched scream 4, a bit jumpy in cinema mode but ye still predictable as ever
  11. aura affair - circle tonight -http://www.thecircleclub.com/event/index/1046 should be decent,
  12. LuLu

    Ed Sheeran

    ^ i take credit for that its a nice song though, wiley can jump on any kind of song and make it sound good most of ed sheerans material is nice, the p money track is just major though,.if uve been in a mad car crash, u can relate
  13. interviews happenin in my building 2moro for the bbc media city positions. miereles (sp) did u hear anything back ? as its interview season this month good luck anyhow
  14. cornwall is alright if your over the age of 50 and looking to retire or your into surfing nice scenery though, its like the set of midsomer murders but with a beach the accent and lingo is traumactic, ' you alright my loverrrrrrrrr ' ' ideal that is ' they have a thing about sayin ideal in every sentence and referring to you as their lover when in actual fact they are just asking ' are you ok ' some backwards talk but there you go
  15. LuLu


    Of course it will, they all areScream 1 was decent when it first came out, scream 2 was okish, scream 3 was just terrible beyond beliefkinda hoping someone just kills neve campbell once and for all, they cant possibly make a scream 5, she just needs to die this time round.
  16. ^ blue cheese is the one. i very rarely blaze, but work is beyond stressful lately , ive just been a little stroppy and snappy. just needed to zone out this weekend. fri nite - we just went all out, for someone who dont blaze much havin more than 1spliff let alone 2 is just not wise, went tesco , dropped my items, the noise of them droppin was llike woahhh and in slow motion, sh*t me up and the music in the car felt like i was in a rave or something, proper loud and echoing. , it was just a proper weird random night
  17. the relentless tropical is to sweet, prefer the original rockstar is nice ( the orange one ) tesco kick is decent, diet kick plays with your stomach though. not really liking asda or sainsburys version of energy drinks, they are just not on tesco kick levels
  18. LuLu


    scream 4 coming out on the 15th aprilhope its not as sh*t as scream 3
  19. LuLu

    Katy B

    crossover is the best track she has done dont really like broken record
  20. yea i was thinkin that, they were rinsing that telephone beat a bit to much overall i found the programme quite interesting, some brainwashed people out there louis theroux is genius though
  21. http://www.scala-london.co.uk/scala/event.php?id=1570 28th may kings cross
  22. LuLu

    Jamie Woon

    nice track, its got a smooth and chilled vibe to it night air is always gonna be my personal favourite woon track though
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