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  1. The Infamous

    FIFA 19

    The drop in matches are trash I always quit My average rating is a lie
  2. The Infamous

    Winter has arrived 18/19

    Why are to such a.criminal empathiser Fuck u need a.knife for
  3. The Infamous

    mufc Marouane Fellaini

  4. The Infamous

    United States of Brutality

    Thats fucked Doesnt pay to be a hero RIP TO THAT MAN
  5. The Infamous

    mcfc Raheem Sterling

    Best winger im europe?
  6. The Infamous

    FIFA 19

  7. The Infamous

    Racism In Football

    My guy razor liverpool legend
  8. The Infamous

    lfc The Official Liverpool FC Thread

    The nervous laugh killed it
  9. The Infamous

    live Harry " 'arry" Redknapp v Gary Neville

    The original video popped up I was watching it and I thought Nev Was a bit disrespectful and I did think of the Harry Spurs side BUT he was right they have been spineless since the start
  10. The Infamous

    hiphop Curren$y/Jet Life

    Classic saturday night special and bundy & sincere
  11. The Infamous

    Niggas are never happy....

  12. The Infamous

    Suge Knight Hit & Run

  13. The Infamous

    If you had another life...

    Blah blah blah where is a Ugandan business I will wait go to Tottenham,Kilburn,Wembley for proof u have 4 times our population but u became slaves by choice and wanted our help to get u out of it. It must hurt that ur getting schooled and u just found out Somalia the country u been chatting shit about on this forum for yeeeears actually saved u 46 years ago Don’t know what you are talking about incest, my dad ain’t even Somali my mum is