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  1. Take it would sell a limb to be there but I can’t take time off
  2. Nah I knew spurs were gonna do it after that Ziyech chance
  3. Great feet and finish by Moura for the second reckon they can do it
  4. Probably won’t bother cos that reason
  5. Called VVD a plant missed this place
  6. faaack I wana roll but don’t know where to go to cheese
  7. Inject it into my veins / who wants to roll Liverpool on Sunday.
  8. The Infamous

    live Week 35 - Premier League 18/19

    It wouldn't surprise me if later it comes out that De Gea had taken money to match fix.
  9. The Infamous

    live Week 35 - Premier League 18/19

    I’m putting my hope in Burnley or Leicester these Utd man are a joke
  10. The Infamous

    African Child

    He’s a nutter but very entertaining i like the the way he goes at nines
  11. The Infamous

    The Music Video Thread

    big tune from this yute in manny
  12. The Infamous

    hiphop Nipsey Hussle

    one of my fav nip songs wish everyone showed him more love while he was alive
  13. The Infamous

    hiphop Nipsey Hussle

  14. The Infamous

    Battle Royal For Eden Hazard?

    He’s not worth more than 100m Coutinho is younger and was on a 5 year deal he too would have probably left for 100ish