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  1. The guy has IT, plus that theme his got is so damn good. Met him after a match a few months ago. WM32 sucked. Reigns vs Triple H blew Shane vs 'Taker blew - minus one spot. 'Taker was gassed, he needs to stop. Can't believe that went 30 mins. Women's championship - match of the night, respect to all 3. Ladder match - Good, not keen on Ryder winning. The Zayn and Owens fight was awesome and now they can push the boat out. Y2J vs AJ - Good, but baffled why they put Jericho over unless they're going to another match. AJ losing at WK10 and WM32 - The Nakamura match was better Battle Royal - Meh, cool to see Corbin win League of Nations vs New Day - Meh, cool ending with Austin, HBK and Foley The Rock segment - corny
  2. How to sum up NXT Takeover Dallas? Unbelieveable. Balor vs Joe - Really good. The blood made Joe look like a monster which he hasn't been for years. Interesting they kept the belt on Balor, still see The Balor Club popping by RAW on Monday. Asuka vs Bayley - Excellent - Surely the end leads to a 2nd? Bayley main roaster? Love Asuka though. Zayn vs Nakamura - Amazing. Match of the year. Shall I continue? Austin Aries vs Corbin - Meh, good to see Aries get the win. American Alpha vs The Revival - Great show opener and well deserved winners. Booby Roode NXT bound. Ibushi on camera also, he'll be in the global cruiserweight series
  3. I need to catch up on Lucha, looks a great show and easily one of the best produced pieces. hooked on NJPW, Rev Pro and Progress these days.
  4. Not even sure where to begin with this season. Guess first things first, at times this season I've hated being at The Emirates why? Some of the fans I'm around in my block every other week are toxic. The verbiage and comments I'm hearing being shouted from the first whistle to the end are nothing short of being madness and some of this is disrespectful. like many im not happy with how the season has panned out, I've lost my rag more now than I did years ago. I'm a fan who really thought we could do it this season especially after our demolition at home to Man Utd, the ground was rocking, same with our Bayern win but time and time again we've looked off the pace, scared and just shit. I'm not sure where this mentality is coming from when you have top class players with a winning attitude. I suppose Arsene doesn't help himself and over reliance on certain players who haven't performed or grown as we expected. It's clear who these players are. Ozil, Joel, Cech, Bellerin, the return of Welbeck have been some bright sparks and key to us. The loss of Santi, Sanchez not showing what he did last season. Theo, Giroud's not so great finishing, defending has been odd. Ox? I could go on however for now I'm disgruntled and disappointed. Something needs to change as the dejavu will continue. I have plenty more to say but I'll save it.
  5. NXT Takeover Dallas shaping up to be their best special to date. When Nakamura debuts shit will get real. ??
  6. Time to shove it down Jose's throat and win today.
  7. Been watching 'Bobby Fischer Against The World' not sure if anyone would watch a piece on a chess master but as much of a genius as he is, he really does come across as a mentally ill man, who's some in-grossed into his one sport fails to see outside the box. He's personal views on the US, Jews, anti-semitic, family (never speaking well of his "dad") etc. For character development this is one hell of a guy to use, but in real life to study from a psychological stand point it's a good person to look at. Who knew chess would be so big, suppose the US were behind it due to the cold war and national pride was at stake.
  8. Brilliant, always enjoy the training ground stories.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7QJruEbKL4 Follow The Buzzards.
  10. Pulp Fiction, on Sky Atlantic, classic in every sense.
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