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    Faaahkin', sleeping, shitting, pornography, pranks, knitting, ball room dancing, cat showing, wildlife, fishing, water polo, water sports, mud wrestling, Magnum P.I, shoplifting - I am one strong barstard.

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  1. Yeah they can do the actual wrist. I know someone with it done on both wrists, right on the actual wrist. I always wondered what will happen if the tattooist slipped a tiny bit though.
  2. Of course it is real. Who's going to sit there photoshopping Flirta D's headshape.It's like some people, especially men in this topic are in denial or something, like his head has shattered their image of a perfect man.
  3. And if I had a head like MohMoh I would make sure I'd grow some hair and f*cking BIG HAIR too.
  4. She looks like she swallows.
  5. KnuckleDuster


    No don't kill them! Suck them up with a hoover.
  6. KnuckleDuster


    I love moths. Especially the Elephant Hawk Moth. They are lovely. I've only ever seen two in my entire lifetime and they are really friendly. I once found one on my way to probation (strange as most moths in inner cities are brown or grey) and took it with me. I walked all the way down Dollis Hill and the North Circular with this moth balanced on my cheek. They are f*cking huge too.
  7. No I aint. I wash twice a day Yoda.
  8. This is why I am quite content earning ã200 a week tax free, from your pockets doing f*ck all...You're all pissed."Don't you have any shame?" I hear you say.I'd rather have no shame than give my money to Somalians still. LMAO.
  9. I'd be embarrassed to bowl infront of my man.
  10. I had a long distance relationship, London to Midlands and it worked pretty good. We saw eachother twice a week and occasionally stayed at eachothers houses. He moved to London after a while but hated it so I agreed to live in the midlands. Saying that though I was a bum back then too so I had alot of time on my hands and this relationship lasted 2.5 years. I honestly don't think they would work for busy people who work, go college or uni or whatever.
  11. No, stay out of it, if the slag is dumb enough to stay with a man who beats her then tuff tits for her. It will only end up turning sour on YOU and YOU will be made to look the prick when she just goes back to him anyway. If a couple of punches from her OWN man isn't enough for her to leave him, what makes you think you getting involved will?Let her get on with it, she might for some reason deserve it, you never know. Or she might even be one of those sadist macho bitches that enjoy it.
  12. Yes it means you just want to f*ck someone else.Or more correctly a less harsh way to get rid of someone.
  13. Slag tagnot the bottom[/url]Errrr. Your back is DIRTY. You have bare black heads. That is seriously FILTH.I would cut that off if I were in your posistion with a hairy, dutty back.KMT Bare dutz star. Bare dutz.
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