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  1. i remember David Jones doing really when he went on loan to Holland - always wondered why he didn't get to make that move permanent, because from all accounts he was a pretty valuable member of the team then (think it was at NEC?)
  2. FANTA

    Dalglish Gone

    He is a proven winner How many coaches can say that nowdays? You have a point, his track record speaks for itself I've just got a problem with Rafa the person tbh, his time at LFC and his debacle at Inter rubbed me up the wrong way
  3. FANTA

    Dalglish Gone

    Meh The guy is a prize c*nt and took his over inflated ego to Inter and got humbled nicely
  4. FANTA

    Dalglish Gone

    I actually believe this Tactical mastermind Why hasn't he got another job then? Football isn't about what you done yesterday IMO, especially not for manager, the guy is still living off past glories
  5. FANTA

    Dalglish Gone

    spending 100m+ to win the carling cup and finish below your local rivals I know, ive been very vocal in that respect I just think if you're out there sacking every manager that doesn't get you top 4 you'll never finish top 4 Managers need 'time' to build on season in season out That top 4 position is never a gimme regardless of what you spend, so IMO it's a tad short sighted to give Kenny so much money in the first place, only to sack him after 1 season - but maybe im in the minority with that POV
  6. FANTA

    Dalglish Gone

    Top 4>>>>>>>>>>>>> Trophies now? i hate Kenny as much as anyone but this is stupid
  7. potentially 3 of the worst buys this season will be playing for England at the Euros Prem<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  8. i say England will finish 3rd in the group what say everyone else?
  9. Didn't Gerrard admit recently that he couldn't play 2 game in a week, yet he's England captain? Gerrard 2 years ago fair enough but now I don't know man
  10. funny thing is Milan handed Juve the title when they decided to sell them Pirlo
  11. same think Richards is a far better CB than Jones if you want someone in there for cover and tbh he's probably a better player to bring in from the cold Jones (imo) needs games to build momentum and without that he does look a tad nervy proper gutted for Richards though, its now 2 managers that have overlooked him, i reckon he might retire from international duty
  12. read somewhere that Yaya said on Spanish radio that he's still in love with Barca and it's the only club close to his heart so i guess that door always remains open, but for someone in his position i doubt it'd be for the money, don't think he'd get City wages anywhere else tbh
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