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  1. LOOK YOU f*ckIN DIRTY OLD PERVE IM GNA LAY THIS OUT NICE AND SIMPLE SO YOU UNDERSTANDYOU FONED ME AND SAID IN QUITE A GAY VOICE "im in the area blabla something something, clapham manor street"so curiosity(sp) got me, and i came out to see yougot in your sh*t boy white whip on said street, as i dont live far from there, by KFC and i sat on the edge of the seat with the door open so i could duss out if u tried to drive off and rape methen you goes "come to my yard in peckham innit, its not far blablabla" i wern even listenin i was jus hearin some camp noise, bare gas, and thinkin wastemanwasteman for myself cos i was in ur car, and wasteman for you jus in generalso then i said "nah your alrite, i got things to do, something along them lines" you carried on gassin and i was like nah and i went back to my yardthen i switched on you on the forums, and didnt chat to u on msnever since you have been reelin"how could she not want to f*ck me, why?? whats wrong with me"cos your a dirty old fagplease dont ever go on like you turned me down, please, some fool fool chati never liked u in the first place, i was jus playin with you, from you slewed me on rwd for wearin tracksuit bottoms and some other bollox i dont remember i never liked youyou added me to YOUR msn, which YOU GOT FROM A GROUP MSN CONVOanything i said to u on msn was obviously a joke ting or i would have f*cked u innit, no qualms alie?so f*ck off innit, and attend to your kid, you f*ckin road sweepin c*ntstop livin for LOLs and start livin real lifeAND JUS TO CLARIFYdont try slander me with linkin GODDAZ, me and him chatted and man tried to link me, but im not gna lie i was actually shook of the situation, im not gna say anymore than that, part from i was scaredand goli, please do you think me sayin a few nice to things to that guy on msn means i tried to link himim not gna slew him cos hes never bin mean to me but come the f*ck on, really?whatever u say now is gna be bollox, i dnt care how many people quote u and suck out ur batty creaseprickand, read the topic before you chat ur f*ckries again, u fhype bitch
  2. Bring man innit. Been living this life for time.do u love it tho golii get the feelin these guys love iti dnt think you do golibig neek(jokiiiiiiiin)
  3. thanxi try u kno how it goesme and my scrawny manly body and now face alsof*ckin well mus look some batty boy innitkmbt
  4. yh if u put them back in the first equation, u should be gettin -17.5
  5. what appen to justice leagueis man both now?is that even allowed?neeks
  6. favorite worst nightmare is heavyonly one problemtoo short
  7. I'm telling you, the percentage is HIGHER.Sky high Meeting someone and jamming... thn meeting someone and f*cking are two VERY different things though.To even get to that stage means you're having it in PM's. Exchanging msn/numbers etc. Which goes against EVERYTHING you girls say main screen.You just duppied yourself. Why should I believe you girls NOW?WHO are u really talkin to apart from xrecklessreally?generalisin out ur arse
  8. umm"bbaby stop callin, over and over yhgimme some funny cigarettesand do what they told you yh"i think we can do an exchangecos i dont hear them lyrics in my version
  9. you kno what i would do to u innit What?... Im scared...good
  10. you kno what i would do to u innit
  11. no, was gna ask u the same thingi only have one
  12. please if u canthe new one!!thanx-17.5 = (52.5^2)a + 52.5b (1)0 = (105^2)a + 105b (2)b = -2/3 and a = 2/315so whats the final equation?f*ck off innityou dont understand f*ck all u nobi kno who u are
  13. eks?lord a mercyi thought to fone u but i didnt think i could explain over the fone*hopes its eks*
  14. f*ck right off*smacks on the back*tune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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