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  1. Anyone got a united stream please? Sopcast would be good
  2. / A lot of liverpool fans are suddenly experts in the spanish language I see.
  3. Welbeck being an 'athlete' is one of the worst shouts I've seen on here for a while.
  4. Why are they blaming de gea for the first? I've only seen it once but looks to me like he couldn't do much with his hands there? Shaqiri drilled it in.
  5. Lol Lens' team must be swaaaaaag to be hearing them sorts of calls. / Currently not played for 3 weeks and gonna be out for at least another 3 with a groin injury. So pissed off, don't think I've managed an injury free season for at least 7 years now.
  6. Walters is shit and also a horrible pikey. / Who's winning you lots fantasy league? And with what score? I shoulda entered it, first time I've actually kept an eye on it and I'm causing major troubs.
  7. Lol @ not rating welbeck Only england player currently on the pitch with a first touch acceptable enough for a spain player.
  8. Lampard>> Lol @ our team its embarrasing. Our wingers are walcott and milner...
  9. Seriously, how do cunts like Townsend get jobs co commentating/punditing? Such a clueless guy
  10. Watching on comedy central. These things can be sooo cringey at times though with the scripted jokes from non comedians.
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