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  1. west midlands ppl

    b16 nigga*spuds*why ladywood lol?Used to live in brum...
  2. Best Album you have ever heard?

    Its an 'urban' forum though, what do you expect?
  3. Stiffies

    Had a couple incidents where Im getting a dance, the girls doing her job so naturally Im kinda hard, then some foolish d*ckhead tries to paparazzi me and put the sh*t up on facebook, with my knob in all its semierect glory.
  4. Tottenham Hotspur Official Topic

    Got my tickets cant f*cking wait
  5. FAO: Guys..

    Seen a couple people shitting on road before.
  6. Show off

    no no no no noI have this DOWNwithout ever hearing your voice I know mine is better lol
  7. Where y'all from??

    If you have a British passport, you are British. Simple as that.
  8. C-Charge £25

    I mean in terms of how regular bus and train comes, certain other cities are much worse like that. I agree its too expensive and stinks of sh*t.
  9. C-Charge £25

    London Transports sick compared to a lot of places, its just too expensive for the service you get
  10. FAO those who are single

    Raving Heartless, semtex, martin larner, shy fx, brockie, adam f, skibba and shabba
  11. you buss a nut now her line gets cut

    Yep yepGet your disclaimer in nice and early then you can duck out with a clear conscience after
  12. Better than a kick in the bollocks!

    Badman dling

    Did the right thing.Community justice. Taking back our streets one lippy underage sket at a time.
  14. Your ONE favourite music group?

    The Roots