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    Madrid is decent for shopping. Most places open til 11/midnight. Depends what food you after. There's mercado de san miguel which is where we ate lunch, its like a street food market. Had some great burgers at 'Steakburger', all local stuff.
  2. The penalties from the City/Inter u19's are appalling.
  3. STDs/STIs

    why would you even consider?

    Taking the missus to Gdansk on Friday for 2 nights, paid like £70 each for flights and hotel. Anyone been? Plan on visiting Westerplatte which is where the first shots of WW2 were fired and seeing the seaside town of Sopot. Looked at prices of ubers to get around and its seriously cheap. 30 minute cab ride is £4.

    If you want all inclusive then First Choice. Virgin holidays is always a shout for further afield desitinations though. Everybody thinks they are expensive but I find them relatively cheap. We got San Francisco for 4 nights, LA for 6 with car hire for the duration and Vegas for 4 nights with all internal flights, direct long haul flights and all hotels for £1400 each.
  6. Nile Ranger

    Guy was on tag aswell, what a d*ck.
  7. Nile Ranger


    Went to Bruges (Brugge) and Disneyland at the start of the month. Bruges is a nice place but very quiet. Sort of place you could only really go with the mrs. Everything opens at 10am and shuts at 6pm. The restaurants then open at 6pm til 10pm. Very picturesque place, it is surrounded by canals. Climbed the Belfry tower which is well worth doing just for the views. Go early though to avoid the crowds. Did the chocolate museum which was a bit shit. There is a beer museum too which we didn't get to. The basilica of Holy Blood is interesting. It is the sort of place you just potter about and have a beer every hour or so. Had a cracking meal at 'Ribs n Beer' which is all you can eat ribs for 19 euros. They don't hold back in bringing them out either, well worth a visit if you are in Bruges. Got a train from Bruges to Brussels then a bullet train direct to Disneyland. Was about 30 euro each in total. So easy. Went to Disney as a kid but couldn't remember much. The place is geared up to kids. There are only one or two rides which are good for adults really. Wouldn't go again.
  9. What was your school scandal

    1) Guy shot his girlfriend with a shotgun then shot himself. Both died. This was 02/03 but can't find anything online. 2) Quite a few girls had older Asian boyfriends with cars etc. It all clicked when all of the grooming stories came out a few years ago.

    Sorted now. Bruges for 2 nights then railing to Disneyland at the start of December. Good Friday over - to Berlin for 3 nights, then train to Prague for 3, then train to Budapest for 3 before flying back from there. September - San Francisco for 4 nights, fly to LA for 6 nights with a car, fly to Vegas for 4 nights then home from there. Going to look at Tenerife over Christmas next year and maybe a weekend break to Granada in Spain.
  11. What Trainers Ya Feeling?

    Don't know why but they reminded me of these:

    Looking at booking 2018 holidays now. Already got center parcs booked in June for a week with the in-laws (they are paying). All trips are with the mrs. Looking at going for 9 days from Good Friday. Found a flight to Berlin for 3 nights, train/coach to Prague for 3 nights then another train/coach down to Budapest for 3 nights before flying home from there. With hotels, flights and trains, looking around £400 in total. Anybody recommend these places? The alternative to that is to go to Lost & Found in Malta for a week at the beginning of May. On August bank holiday we are looking at Granada for 3 nights. Then in September we want to do something big for 2 weeks. We are torn between going somewhere like Sri Lanka or doing a L.A/Las Vegas/San Fran trip. Kinda wanna hear experiences of both if anyones been? Probs go to Tenerife in Jan 2019 too.

    Didn't know about the turning right at a red light, explains why I nearly got run over every time I crossed the road.
  14. FIFA 18

    why do they fuck with the defending. Goals I am conceding are a joke.

    Going to Bruges for 2 nights at the start of December. Anyone been? Any advice on restaurants, bars, sights etc.