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    Sorted now. Bruges for 2 nights then railing to Disneyland at the start of December. Good Friday over - to Berlin for 3 nights, then train to Prague for 3, then train to Budapest for 3 before flying back from there. September - San Francisco for 4 nights, fly to LA for 6 nights with a car, fly to Vegas for 4 nights then home from there. Going to look at Tenerife over Christmas next year and maybe a weekend break to Granada in Spain.
  2. What Trainers Ya Feeling?

    Don't know why but they reminded me of these:

    Looking at booking 2018 holidays now. Already got center parcs booked in June for a week with the in-laws (they are paying). All trips are with the mrs. Looking at going for 9 days from Good Friday. Found a flight to Berlin for 3 nights, train/coach to Prague for 3 nights then another train/coach down to Budapest for 3 nights before flying home from there. With hotels, flights and trains, looking around £400 in total. Anybody recommend these places? The alternative to that is to go to Lost & Found in Malta for a week at the beginning of May. On August bank holiday we are looking at Granada for 3 nights. Then in September we want to do something big for 2 weeks. We are torn between going somewhere like Sri Lanka or doing a L.A/Las Vegas/San Fran trip. Kinda wanna hear experiences of both if anyones been? Probs go to Tenerife in Jan 2019 too.

    Didn't know about the turning right at a red light, explains why I nearly got run over every time I crossed the road.
  5. FIFA 18

    why do they fuck with the defending. Goals I am conceding are a joke.

    Going to Bruges for 2 nights at the start of December. Anyone been? Any advice on restaurants, bars, sights etc.

    Bargain bro. I find makeshift deals like this a lot, well worth it if you can get off work etc.
  8. Bipolar yats

    I don't think I have bipolar or PD. The reason I presented to psychiatry is due to suffering from chronic derealisation (depersonalization in the U.S). They then went down the mood disorder route as I have had depression in the past. I have given up with the psychiatry services now regarding the derealisation and I hope that it is something else which can be caught by neurology. I have an MRI on Friday so we will see what happens.
  9. Is Stormzy a Industry Plant?

    I was at v fest (northern one) and this guy got a bigger crowd than Jay-Z.
  10. Bipolar yats

    I'm male obviously but I recently got diagnosed with 'bipolar disorder' by a consultant psychiatrist. I can tell you now that I don't have bipolar. I've worked in mental health for a while now and have seen clients with actual bipolar and I don't suffer with it. If this diagnosis gets thrown around like I think it does, then no wonder people say they have it. An issue is that Personality Disorders are very similar to bipolar and are on a rapid increase. I blame social media, internet etc etc. People don't want to be labelled with a personality disorder but come across as proud to have bipolar. Strange times.
  11. Giggs Movie

    Only interested if its Ryan
  12. Purple Aki

    So this was a little scandal in my local restaurant.... http://www.burytimes.co.uk/news/15354711.Restaurant_backtracks_after__racist__Purple_Aki_burger_name/
  13. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Says autumn 17 on pre-order signs
  14. running distance/times

    Any of you guys do this? It's free. http://www.parkrun.org.uk/events/events/
  15. Love Island

    Last year was jokes. I don't feel excited by this years though.