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  1. 118-110 canelo djdjdjdjdfjfjdhdh
  2. Banger from czech Republic. Thought Italy were going to do the comeback.
  3. mp*

    Arsenal 2017/18

    At least we making some changes. Hopefully it helps.
  4. Ward was going to win anyway but that low blow loool Kovalev complained too much as dumb as that sounds
  5. Group B should have goals, but Porch is right, can't really rely on the qualifiers. There are quite a few good squads, looking forward to it.
  6. mp*

    Arsenal 2017/18

    Games are yet to be moved but.. 14th September: Europa League matchday one 16th September: Chelsea [A] 28th September: Europa League matchday two 30th September: Brighton [H] 19th October: Europa League matchday three 21st October: Everton [A] 2nd November: Europa League matchday four 4th November: Manchester City [A] 23rd November: Europa League matchday five 25th November: Burnley [A] 7th December: Europa League matchday six 9th December: Southampton [A]
  7. Authorities lurking, guys getting shook. Got too bait anyway.
  8. Juve start to second half was dead. Couldn't get momentum after that
  9. Hopefully he slapped Gazidis with the contract after he signed it.
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