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  1. Uh HuhIf your man's looking on point you're gonna want to rep for him...
  2. Rinsed this album.So over it.It was never amazing to me.
  3. Numero knows. Don't ask me why I bought his album.
  4. Them experiements there :D HO MY DIDDY!*tries to stop laughing*
  5. I dont eat cereal with sugar.But the other day I tried to make pancakes and clocked I had no milk in the fridge.
  6. shes dead muthaf*cker Is she dead now then? In the article it said she's critical Exactos.
  7. Matt you are shooting up a dead body!
  8. I'm Christian. The bible tells me that you are only going to heaven if you repent and accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. Take from that what you will.
  9. Trust its the worst place u can park.. If u fgonna park there its best to get out the whip ASAP and stay miles from it.alie HIGHWAY CODE >Forreals.Deep that its cause they ran out of petrol.
  10. Its actually stemmed from the word 'beau' as in my darling, but it doesnt mean much now. Its childish anyway.If a guy calls me babes I actually gag.
  11. LadyOG

    Its o.v.e.r

    When you don't have anything to talk about anymore. The relationship is dead.
  12. On a level why propose if you're not 150% sure the person is gonna say yes? Some suicide movements there.
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