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  1. n/a

    What clothes are we feeling?

    A.P.C had a sale last week at there dover st store not sure if still on but they got a few nice bits in there
  2. n/a


    big L was too much seriously how many mcs were nicer than him
  3. someone is neggin all the pos, salty jew
  4. got trolled nicely, pressure is gettin to much / why does arry always compare todays game with when he was playing smh
  5. king kenny at the end lol
  6. LS's predictions from a few weeks ago looked so good on paper
  7. n/a

    Fabrice Muamba

    respect to the tottenham fans singing his name as well at a time where he needed all the help he could get top class
  8. Your playing against 10 men and its wolves smh
  9. n/a

    How much would you pay for a player?

    4M andy carroll
  10. n/a

    Rank The Leagues

    i will watch premiership ahead of any league in the world but its far from the best