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  1. Got a zippo lighter my dad bought my grandad from me and my sis when we were kids. Got some engraving on the side, had it since i was 8 when he passed away.
  2. So i recieved this email today off Nook Dear Valued Customer, You recently received an email from NOOK customer service indicating that your NOOK Simple Touch would be shipped shortly. We apologize for this error but your credit card was not charged as NOOK Simple Touch is temporarily out of stock. We’re pleased to let you know that we do have inventory of NOOK Simple Touch GlowLight and you may place an order by visiting http://uk.nook.com/. Thank you. The NOOK Support Team
  3. Copped. And one for my mum too.
  4. Own house, mrs, kid, car, good job.
  5. Nah if i remember rightly ended up way to drunk and one of my boys got kicked out.
  6. Remember i drew one girl in the club, she was beautiful a trainee nurse, we had a drink swopped numbers left it as that carried on with my night. Next thing this girls trying to hold my hand round the club. She was persistant
  7. Lmao talkin about bangin girls these guys are fruity
  8. Work shifts. 6-7 of us on shift. Make a pot of tea, Its nothin. We take it in turns everyone does their bit lol
  9. I appreciate that, Im in the race myself but I won't personally attack someones livelihood thats low. Play fire with fire
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