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  1. tasty house in camberwell near kings college hosp
  2. im normally a medium and their large fits me just fine snug fit
  3. goin both days of thst brighton thing need to find sum kinda hotel
  4. zlastboss


    Nutri-bullets* lulz
  5. you mean those salt beef bagels? Nah he means the bbq buns bronson gets from the chinese the salt beef bagels from both those shops are proper nice as well cheap as chips as well and u get decent amount of beef in em too
  6. them bbq pork buns are the truth tho been eatin them from thats spot since i was little
  7. jus got home from 4 days in amsterdam feel to hurt to do any thing yet
  8. not cool at all congrats daveman
  9. zlastboss

    Magnum Banned?

    magnum and guiness carnival drink or with redbull
  10. zlastboss

    Fat people

    fuckers are the reason why i cant super size my meals at mc ds cunts
  11. "style and attitude of this growing urban group" lol whut?
  12. lol one time met 2 of my mates down west end years ago when the evisus with the big massive M on the back was still popular that one day every we all had a pair on i had a red M my boy had a yellow one and one blue no fucks were given but looked like sum oriental boyband walkin about can only look back and laugh
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