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  1. Don’t really know much about her twitter/social media presence but she was friends with people i know and she just came across as angry and difficult a lot of the time.
  2. revs

    Good Fish & Chips

    Bonners is my local. Worth every penny.
  3. revs


    Its the wrists that i ended up injuring the most. Either slapping down last if i fell backwards or using them to instinctively break my fall if dropping forwards. Glad i never broke them but they were definitely swollen a few times.
  4. revs


    Tried to take it up again a few years ago for a couple of years. It was bloody harder than i remember and even more apparent with my aging body. Everything just felt so long but it was a lot of fun. If you aren't on your board most of the week progressing takes forever. Also there was the fear factor. Back when i was younger I didn't have a care in the world but going back, the possible consequences of being out of work from an injury were always on my mind. Ended up taking up bouldering/rock climbing instead.
  5. revs

    Goin for dinner on ur ones

    If you feel like you are going to miss out on something because you cannot find company then I would just do it.
  6. revs

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    Yeah these last two years have been peak. Getting worse and worse. The mad thing is the contrast with the rapid gentrification of the area. You got all these young hipster professionals/families everywhere now with loads of new facilities popping up to cater for them - then this gang war popping off that keeps escalating. The last shooting was only a few weeks ago in that same spot. Too much mad shit its long to list it all. I mean those fuckers that threw acid on that 3 year old recently were arrested in Stow a couple of roads from me and the original incident took place in another part of the country WTF. Imagine being the poor bastard that has to work in that branch of Subway by St James St. The shit they must see on shift.... I remember last year getting some chips one night in the kebab next door and there was a yout there slumped inside dripping whilst some paramedics tended to him. People still eating in there and ordering like normal totally desensitised to it all.
  7. revs

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    FFS again? Don’t even know what to say anymore. If i told my parents half the shit that goes down 5mins from my yard they would tell me to sell up.
  8. revs

    Sacha Baron Cohen

    Did anyone just watch tonights episode? The bit with the three trump supporters was almost unbelievable.
  9. revs


    Heading to Marsa Alam in a couple of months. Want to get in some snorkelling and general R&R. Has anyone been before?
  10. revs

    #Heatwave 2018

    Best summer weather for a long ass time. Trying to ignore the few gripes i have and just enjoy it. Too many years of having a week of sun in May and getting gassed for the rest of the season only to be disappointed.
  11. revs

    2017/18 Hot Summer

    5 mins from me. This section has been hot for a while. Completely desensitised to it all now everytime i walk past and see the tape etc
  12. revs

    #Heatwave 2018

    Did a bootcamp last night and it was still 29degrees. Stress.
  13. revs

    Harry marrying his lighty

    For anyone that cares its apparently Kim Jones' (formally of LV) first design for Dior.
  14. This one was came to my attention a year or so ago. Always thought it was a bit strange that people have showers the night before then go to work and say they are/or feel "clean".
  15. revs

    Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency/Icos Topic

    Ian Balina claiming he got hacked then deleted all those tweets about it. LOL Whats going on?