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    nice 1.. any cafe's/clubs u can recommend by name?

    Wheres best to stay in barcelona for the cafe's & clubs etc
  3. Arsenal 2014/15 Thread

    penalty was more individual brilliance than bad organisation IMO - if anything the obvious you would say is he should've been fouled before he even reached the penalty area. do you expect flamini or any DM to be the player "trying to stop" everyone? they all have to put in a shift which was done for once
  4. Luis Suarez's bite on Giorgio Chiellini DOESN'T feature in any of the Uruguayan front pages... what the foreign papers say about the Liverpool man's antics Surprisingly in Italy, the incident plays second fiddle with all their papers' focus on the Azzurri's World Cup group exit. It is the second time in succession that the four-time champions have bowed out early at the World Cup to the condemnation of their publications. Only Tuttosport leads with Suarez as one cause for their exit in Brazil with the headline 'Godin and the referee send Uruguay into the knockout round as Suarez bites Chiellini.' http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/worldcup2014/article-2668872/Luis-Suarezs-bite-Giorgio-Chiellini-Italy-Spain-paper-reviews-World-Cup-incident.html
  5. Arsenal 2013/14 thread

    Everyone saying its not Wenger's fault at the end of the day he is responsible for the players he is the MANAGER, all of the things we're accusing the players of doing wrong are things that happen time and time and time again so he has to take some of the responsibility for failing to prepare the players properly or failing to motivate them or whatever it comes down to but he's failing somewhere if they have no desire or a lack of it who should be bringing it out of them? Wenger
  6. The Mesut Ozil Thread

    e.g. Aguero being used tonight...
  7. The Mesut Ozil Thread

    everyone getting at Wenger which one of the top players is used sparingly or doesn't play at near enough every opportunity?
  8. Arsenal Summer Transfer Window

    Why should we be content with 3rd when we've been leading for the majority of the season & wenger/board have failed to invest to push on and win it
  9. January Speculation/Transfer Thread 2013/2014

    why wouldn't u mind it? he's old + washed.
  10. Amine Edge & Dance

    anyone know name of the song @ 11:00???
  11. Favourite Movie Scenes

  12. What clothes are we feeling?

  13. Arsenal 2013/14 thread

    wenger twitter q&a http://metro.co.uk/2013/11/12/arsene-wenger-takes-first-steps-on-twitter-bores-arsenal-fans-senseless-4183371/
  14. Breaking Bad (Spoilers Inside)

    Had walt been to the warehouse before ? How would he know the setup, how jesse is kept etc for it to be his fantasy dont buy into all this fantasy talk personally

    Geoffrey Kondogbia is already history at Sevilla FC. The French international has officially informed the club that he will unilaterally rescind his contract.